Bevchen’s B Meme

Bevchen has done another meme.  I think it’s the onset of winter and huddling round the keyboard has taken the place of huddling round the fire necking mulled wine and throwing lumps of coal at each other.  Anyhow. You know I can’t resist a meme so here goes another one of my random posts into the ether.

In this one you do this:

  1. What is your name? Katy
  2. Complete the following statements using the first letter of your name to start each answer.

A four letter word: Kiss (I wanted to put Kool as in the classic pop combo, Kool and Ver Gang)

A Girl’s Name: Kylie (or boomerang as I like to call her in front of my Aboriginal friends)

A Boy’s Name: Keith (apparently Keith is Doctor Who’s real name. Keith Who. I saw it here in this excellent article by Caitlin Moran in The Times Online. You have to watch the filmy bit)

An Occcupation: Kinesiologist (someone who tests things like allergies using muscle strength and weakness.  When I lived in London I actually used to visit a kinesiologist. Oh for those heady urban days!)

A colour: Khaki (or breen as I like to think of it)

Something you wear: Knickers (or not if you’re being a floosy and going commando)

A Beverage: Kahlua (a hideous drink only used as a basic building block of other hideous cocktail style drinks and as something which makes your vomit slightly more interesting)

Food: Krill (if you’re a whale or a vegan that is)

Something Found in a Bathroom: King of Shaves Shaving Gel or in my bathroom, Knits (cheating I know, but K is not an easy letter)

A City: Kiev (where they breed all those special garlic chickens)

A Country: Kazakhstan (one of my top holiday destinations. It’s going to be huge. HUGE I tells ya.  Who doesn’t love cabbage soup and turquoise old lady raincoats.  It’s all so nineteen fifties).

Song With a Girl’s Name in the Title: K’ K’ K’ Katy (My mum used to sing this to me when I was a kid.  Fact.  It goes on: ‘Beautiful Katy, You’re the only kind of girl that I adore, In the moonlight, behind the cow shed(?), I’ll be waiting at the K’ K’ K’ Kitchen door.’ or some such palaver).

Something You Shout: Katy? Do you know where I put my shoes/clothes/head/ears/picture of Queen Victoria? (that’s true that is. I didn’t make that up.)

Celebrity: Katy Perry (she even spelled it right, even though she’s a bit of an idiot and I don’t like her song very much.  Good name though.  I was tempted to go for Keith Harris and Orville.)

Cartoon Character: Krusty The Clown (thank you Wiki Answers.  You are a life line)

Flower: Kingcup (used to have a book with a picture of a flower on called Kingcup something. Have no idea whether it was referring to the flower or the hedgehog the book was about.  I may be lying through my teeth here.)

Animal: Krill (I am having a little love affair with the word krill here)

Fruit: Kumquat (I really wanted to say krill again, but I resisted. I hope you appreciate my strength of character).

A Book Title: Knocked out by my nunga nungas – Louise Rennison (I have just finished reading it. Thank God I didn’t have to spend three hours scanning the shelves for K)

A Film Title: King Kong (or Krill: My Life in Motion Pictures)

I tag you all.  The world, the universe and Stephen Hawking in particular.  Bring it on…

4 responses to “Bevchen’s B Meme

  1. Kahlua is coffee flavoured isn’t it? Someone suggested I use at as replacement Tia Maria once cos our bar didn’t have any. I nearly slapped them.

  2. I believe it is coffee flavour. Bleurgh

  3. KEITH? say it ain’t so.

  4. It would be tragic wouldn’t it? Apparently Captain Jack’s name is Colin. Colin Malone

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