O’de Krill

Krill, krill you are so brill

Being swallowed by a whale

Must be such a thrill

Krill, krill you are so brill

Your teeny tiny lovely beards

Have made me go all weird (s)

And not very rhymey

Krill, krill you are so brill

Even though you don’t wear hats

Or spats

Or ride around on giant aquatic rats

Krill, krill you are so brill

That I have made you a song

Just like your groovier dolphin and whale cousins

It can’t be much fun being whale snacks

Without a little ditty

Or a hat to cheer you up


7 responses to “O’de Krill

  1. Am sure the krill will be thrilled. But what, pray tell, got you thinking about Krill? Were you reading the Snail and the Whale?

  2. I am speechless with wonder at your krill poem. Nice beard!

  3. Also, I haz pictchur for u. On mai blog.

  4. Have you been taking something Katy? Magic krill eggs perhaps.

  5. Homeofficemum

    It’s Bevchen’s fault. She did this memey thing and I got to thinking about Krill as an animal beginning with K and then it just started floating about in my brain and annoying me, so I thought I would share it.

    Tres bon non?!
    Thanks for the pictchur. It iz ays


    It is your fault missis. Absolument Oui!!!

  6. How is it my fault? Did I give you a name beginning with K? No! And the krill certainly aren’t my influence – I would’ve picked Koala for the animal.

  7. Bevchen
    Agreed you did not give me a name beginning with K but where were you when I needed you with the whole why don’t you just pick Koala thing eh? Actually I was discussing it with a friend today and she said; ‘Krill, how silly. I’d have picked kangaroo!’ Neither of those things came to me though when I was frantically searching through my tiny mind.

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