My name is Katy.  I am so bloody old now it’s not even worth me telling you how old I am.  I am now absolutely into full cronehood. I am a menopausal woman. Hear me sweat! No moustache yet, but it’s incoming.  I would like to say that reaching this age in my life has made me a more profound, more complete human being.

But that would be a lie.

Mostly it has just made me much more intolerant of things. I have less time on the planet so I am determined to put up with less shit.

I am married to Jason. He is very long suffering.  He is an intensely private person, and yet he lives with the fact that through the entries in this blog, people know far more about him than he is comfortable with.

He allows me to continue blogging because I have told him it is saving him a fortune in therapy bills and dried frog pills.

I have three children.  They are both my blessing and my curse. They force me to work harder at being a better human being. Sometimes I am grateful for this. Sometimes I am bloody livid about it.

I used to have real jobs before the children came along. I was terrible at them. I am the least employable person on the planet. I was delighted when, by the time I had three children I had to leave work to look after them. Then I realised how much effort parenting full time took.

I used to get my revenge by blogging about them. Now they’re older they demand more privacy so I write mostly about the things that make me cross and the things that make me laugh.

Now I’m a writer and I sell clothes on Depop, Facebook, Instagram and Ebay. You can find me at The voice of Boo or Boostique depending on which platform I’m on. This means I stay at home eating biscuits and occasionally jotting down the odd paragraph whilst staring moodily into the middle distance.

I enjoy extravagance in all things.

All things except pooh.

My pension plan involves being a bank robber and living the high life on my ill gotten gains until the rozzers catch up with me.  By the time I am in chokey I will be too old to be anybody’s bitch, and can just do an Open University degree in History and potter about in the prison library until I finally keel over.

I loathe close harmony singing, Venetian Blinds, Bakewell Tart and Rice Pudding.

I would like to be a willowy five foot eight with gorgeous skin and a devil may care attitude which drives men wild.  I am not any of these things and on a bad day my hair is an homage to Wurzel Gummidge.

IWhen I grow up I would like to be a drummer in a rock band, or Georgette Heyer.

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  1. Hi.

    I’ve only read a couple of you posts (and this About page) and I want to say I’m a fan. The only word so far I have come up with (besides hilarious) to describe your writing is: complete.

    You are a very ‘complete’ writer in that I find nothing (neither explicit or implicit) ‘missing’ when I read your work. After reading your words I feel like I have eaten a wonderful full course dinner, including dessert and a nap .


  2. Thank you arkay. That’s lovely. 🙂

    • Hi, just found you via a random typing in of the name Moreland Beasley and would like to say I knew him…!! (His name popped into my head and I wondered if anyone had recorded anything about him and his doctoral thesis – if he ever finished it). Unlike you, I am at the night sweats stage of life but no zapata moustache has yet appeared (it is not, I understand, compulsory). Moreland was more than jus an old man wrapped in a duvet…he was charming, witty, intelligent, sad and a bit bitter about his life which included children (he didn’t want but his wife did) and as far as he was concerned, they ruined everything! I met him on a silversmithing course eons ago and didn’t believe his name. Do you happen to know did he ever finish his PhD?

      Enjoyed the blog and like your depop shop

  3. There is no such thing as a fatal weakness for Georgette Heyer. I mean those books are laugh out loud funny. they are the Green and Blacks of the fiction world!!!!!

  4. You might well be right there Welshgirl!

  5. Hello Katy.
    My name is Andy Mule (it’s not really…but don’t tell anyone!) and your site was recommended to me by a fellow blogger. I love it, and thought you may find my “world view” to be similar to yours. Perhaps you could give it a view. While every second of your life seems to be filled with the trials and tribulations of paranting, so is mine. Except my “little darlings” are furry. Anyway, i shall look forward to your next post, and maybe you could pretend to like mine! Cheers Andy (…….sshhhh wink wink)

  6. Hi Andy
    seems fair!

  7. Hi! Like you, I’m also an ex-Lampeterian. Just read your blog about the bands – Dim Disco Heno, The Blend Band etc – how I remember them all (and I still have a Belnd Band tape also!). It brought back alot of happy memories – Conti’s cafe, the bands, and teh place in general.

    What years were you there? I graduated in 1990.

  8. Hi

    I started the year you left! 1990-1993. It was a good time no?

    • Just found your blog as I was googling Edmund Estefan (long story) and it brought up your bog post on crap Lampeter bands.
      My wife went to SDUC from 90-93 (same years as you) so I visited the students union a few times in the early 90s but missed the band nights althiugh I’ve heard all about them.

  9. I am named after a character in a Georgette Heyer novel! These Old Shades, it’s called. The character is also called Léonie. Obviously.

  10. That’s fantastic. I wish I had been called after a Georgette Heyer character but my father was too sensible to let my mother have her own way about such things. Although in my brother’s case it was a blessing. She wanted to call him Tybalt!

  11. Found your blog through a recommendation by bevchen… I’m happy now, as it’s just the sort of thing I love to read! Very funny, and very entertaining. Well done! 🙂

    Oh, and I too list “be a mad old lady festooned in cats” as an option for the future. (http://coffee-helps.com/2008/01/31/times-up/) It comforts me that I am not alone in this.

  12. Hi Hails
    Thanks. Perhaps we could swop cats in our old age!

  13. shunningrunning

    Where are your archives? I’d like to read you from the beginning…

    • Why thank you.

      To be honest I’ve got no idea how you go back to the beginning. I would suggest typing in the words first blog entry in the search panel on the page and going from there. I am sorry that I am such a technological idiot.

  14. Hi Katy – I’ve only just discovered your blog (always was a late starter) – but it’s good to read. I have two children who I adore but who drive me mad on a daily basis – so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! And, I have number-dyslexia too – I’m sure of it. I mentioned it in a post once and someone told me it was called dyscalculia – so there you go. You and me both. Look forward to reading more. Emily x

  15. Hi Emily
    Welcome! Misery loves company.xx

  16. I’ve found you too. Looking forward to reading more,


  17. Thanks GG

  18. Well Katy,You dont change!..The first girl I met a St Peters age 4 or 5…Your writing is Fabulous,I havnt stopped laughing yet..Sadly althought im still truely mad as a hatter,My writing is still c*ap!
    Ive just bumped into your mum & dad in AGE CONCERN.We all love a bargin hey.Sue gave me your blog.I was Lisa Hopkins before I married(just incase you hadnt worked it out already.LOL.

  19. Hey Lisa
    I’m glad it made you laugh. We have a Loros shop in Glenfield but I haven’t had a blast from the past in there yet. I will persevere!

  20. watchthatcheese

    Hi Katy
    Just to say I am enjoying your writing immensely, laughing and crying. I found your blog because I am hugely homesick for the UK – Wales in particular and reading the places you go, shows, shops, the weather etc reminds me of good stuff. I vill be back, ha-ha!
    Mean while, if you find the time I would love you to visit me at my blog http://watchthatcheese.wordpress.com/ cheers chicky and keep your end up!

  21. Hi,
    Just trying to recall how I got here …that’s it, I googled Grayson Perry (as you do) after he was on Have I Got News For You – must be a good hour and a half ago- since which time I’ve simply been LOL-ing (ha!) at your blogs. Nothing short of brilliant. It was of course the Grayson Perry vase hilarity which brought me to this page – hence being sidetracked by my compulsion to comment…
    Thanks for a laugh!

  22. Hi Abi
    Glad you found me. Even gladder you enjoyed it while you were here.

  23. Katy, well done on your success by being covered in the Sunday Times yesterday. Much sdeserved

  24. hi katy..just read the times article about blogging..so just thought i’d say hello,and would like to follow your adventures on line,also i don’t think your as harrassed as you make out,theatre,books,but maybe i’m wrong!!!!!!!!!

  25. Middle Man
    Thank you for your lovely comment.xx

    I think you probably are, but never mind eh?

  26. This is the first time ever I have been on a blog. I have just read the article in the Times and thought I would look you up. Yes it is 2 weeks since the article was published, but as I brought a copy of my beloved Times back with me to New Zealand I have only just rescued it from the bottom of my suitcase. It’s a rainy, windy day here (don’t let those 100% New Zealand adverts fool you) so I would just like to say that I have enjoyed reading about blogs and reading your take on life.

  27. Hi Deb
    Thanks for reading, and popping by. Hope to hear from you regularly.xx

  28. Love it! Your children are very lucky to have such a fun Mum… but I’m sorry to tell you the chaos goes on forever: my four are teenage but life is still a rollercoaster (see http://www.FourTeensAndaTeabag.blogspot.com)
    Glad to have found you from Sunday T. article, will read more!

  29. Hi Kim
    Ah, but just think how much nearer yours are to leaving home!x

  30. I stumbled across your blog by accident and it’s incredibly funny. 😀 I love it. I’m trying to subscribe to it but I can’t find a button or anything to do so. Am I missing it or is there not an option?
    Rowena x

  31. rowenafball
    Thank you. I have no idea how to subscribe to a blog to be honest. I am a technical idiot. I’m so sorry I can’t be of more help. Welcome though, to my world of idiocy.x

  32. I am extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemely late (with too many e’s but that’s a whole other life/ story) I am loving your blog, I’ve popped in via Belgium, but I live quite near you, I was very disappointed in the Borders closing down sale too but did manage a pile of books on the last day for less than a tenner so wasn’t too fussed. I had no shame wrapping them up and passing them onto friends as proper presents, it leaves more money for general life, childrens demands and wants etc etc.

  33. auntiegwen
    Hi there. Thank you for loving the blog! I hope you stick around.

  34. Hello Katy. I too loathe rice pudding. Please look into our blog some time. Plenty of Shakespeare. Enjoy Measure for Measure. We are going in the middle of next month.

  35. Shakespeare Club
    Thanks. I will.

  36. hello

    i love your blog and know you are unbelievably busy/sleepy/stressed/etc (as a fellow chronic insomniac i appreciate your neurotic ramblings with a delight akin to discovering gravity)

    I’m writing because I am from a wee island called guernsey in the channel islands and a boy from the island has gone missing in virginia, usa.

    we are trying everything to spread the word and get people aware to help try and find him, if you could post these links in a blog i would be eternally grateful and will repay you in pretty things if i ever have millions of pounds to buy such things



  37. Hey Dominique
    I do not need paying with pretty things. Of course I will help you all I can. Not many people visit this section of the site, so I will put up a proper blog post about it over the weekend for you.

  38. I’ve just bothered to read this section. Are you really still 36? Such a youngster….

    Actually, I ought to do my bio, I don’t think I could be arsed before but, as always, you’ve put me to shame.

  39. Mrs Jones
    No I am just lazy with updates. I’m older than you if it’s any consolation. Was 38 this year!

  40. Just found your blog from Zen Mischief and it looks like my sort of thing.

  41. Jilly

  42. Hi – I’ve just found your blog amongst another 30 recommended to me as, and I quote, ‘pretty bloody good reads’ – they weren’t wrong. Love your style, humour and outlook on life. Keep up the good work, neck permitting of course.


  43. witwitwoo
    Thank you. Good luck with your blog too.xx

  44. Just wanted to say hi! Was lovely to meet you today, and my little girl was transfixed by your eldest, convinced she was her cousin. But she was so kind and sweet with Moo! You have lovely girls.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  45. Bumbling
    Hi back. Lovely to meet you too.xx

  46. As the other bloggers and readers before me, love the blog, and will be following keenly. Although I do think I have blog envy, which I guess is a fun thing to have. At least I think I’ll be following and/or getting updates etc as my technological prowess is somewhat lacking. . . I will definitely be visiting if all else fails.

  47. your blog was recommended to me by Josiespeaksup, and glad I stopped to read it…plan to revisit and read more as soon as this UFV (unidentified flying virus) stops afflicting me! thanks for the laughs, I needed them!

  48. Hey Katy,

    Long time ago we knew each other…back in JCC…I was the ginger one with the weird mother (still am I guess) and you threw me the best surprise birthday party I’d ever had.

    Glad to hear you’re grabbing life by the nuts and squeezing the fun out of it still 🙂


  49. Jeez, that was really tough for you and heartbreaking for her.Hugs x

  50. Hi Katy,
    It’s Philip here from Cybercom, a digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We’ve been reading your blog and think you’d be a perfect partner to review and feature a range of upcoming skincare products – ideally suited to busy mums – which we’ll be handling. If you’re interested in collaborating and earning a few rewards, please get in touch by mailing philip (dot) byrne (at) cybercom (dot) ie. I look forward to hearing from you!



  51. So I’ve just stumbled across you, which amazes me, because I thought I’d discovered ALL the best blogs there were to discover (most of which are on your blog list anyway, so even more bizarre that it’s taken til now to visit). But no. Better late than never however. I have many many questions, but the most pressing – how do you find time to read so much? Seriously. If there’s something Icould be doing which I’m not, and which would enable me to read anything other than “Stop your children killing each other” or “Controlling your uncontrollable toddlers”) I need to know about it…

    • Reluctant Launderer
      I don’t sleep much, and I make my children do lots of chores. It works for me. Thanks for your comment.x

  52. Hi Katy
    I love your blog. Came across it through the Great British Bake Off when your analysis of the program had me falling around laughing. I’ve been dipping in and out of it since and I enjoy your warmth, your humour, and the way you capture life – its joys and its tribulations. It’s very real and very human. Your piece on Willa Cather was very good. As the manager of Gay’s The Word Bookshop in London, I should have read her but haven’t. Your blog has prompted me to search her out. Hope that your weekend in London is a blast. Friends say that the Hockney exhibition is tremendous if a bit packed. Keep blogging. Oh and I love Georgette Heyer – is that a requirement here ???
    Jim MacSweeney

  53. Apropos of nothing, a site I came across this morning somehow has the Boo family all over it: http://www.monstersupplies.org/


  54. V
    Thank you. I have seen that. It is indeed right up our street! xx

  55. And, ahem, is there something you haven’t been telling people? 😛 http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Behind-Beautiful-Forevers-Katherine-Boo/9781400067558


  56. V.
    HA HA! No. That’s definitely not me!

  57. Hi Katy,

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for saving me from boredom on many a solo hotel trip!! Your blog keeps me entertained on my(sadly all work-related) travels, thanks for the giggles. Particularly Derek and the daffodils!!

    Anna(another Georgette Heyer fiend! The grand sophy is the best!!)

  58. Hi Katy, I was trawling Google images in the vain hope of spotting an extremely rare vintage soft toy I have as I’ve never seen another one and came across your entry on ‘bears’; even at my 34 years of age I still love mine…you’ve a rather nice writing style. Do check out my own blog on musings and Graphic Design amongst other things…Stan http://graphicstoysandmusings.wordpress.com/

  59. Hi, thanks for the link. Nice of you to comment.x

  60. Hi Katy, as a fellow migraine sufferer I thought you might find this helpful…http://www.painmedicinenews.com/ViewArticle.aspx?d=Interventional%2BPain%2BMedicine&d_id=353&i=June+2012&i_id=858&a_id=20995
    Jennifer from DC

  61. Hi Jennifer
    Thank you so much for the link. xx

  62. Just thinking you could update this if you wished with your new things on =),where your at x

  63. You are hilarious! Love your writing; you’ve certainly put a smile on my face today x

  64. Katy, I am watching the great British bake off at the moment( have fed 75% of my family, awaiting the re-arrival of the other25%) and I was just wondering what you thought of the chocolate tea cake nightmare evolving in front of us! Will check your blog in the morning (allowing you time to actually watch the show and therefore post a comment)

    • Hi Jo

      I’ve finished watching it, but need to proof read a friend’s phd this evening, so will get around to blogging it either late (very late) tonight, or tomorrow. Gripping stuff this evening on GBBO though! x

  65. Just read ” about “and thinking you could update maybe totally up to you though obviously!xmust catch up in ny take care .cant get to catch up on ur blog enough but I must

  66. The only thing I’d update is my age and I think I’ll leave it for a bit. Much prefer being nearly forty to being nearly forty one!

  67. I’ve just come across your blog, and wanted to drop you a line from Australia to say how much I’m enjoying reading it (I too have fought the ultimately futile fight of the fake cat litter); most of all, though, I’ve loved reading your accounts of trips to London. I lived round the corner from Lambs Conduit St for two years (eek, about 10 years ago) — I still miss London every day. So it’s been a lovely trip down memory lane to read of your exploits in my old haunts. I’ll be looking out for the next one!

  68. Hi David
    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comments. I haven’t managed to get to London yet this year, but am planning a quick visit in the Easter holidays. I miss it when I’m not there so I’m glad someone else is benefitting from my yearly pilgrimages too!

  69. been reading your blog for months. My partner thinks I am mad because I guffaw, chortle, giggle, and sometimes even cry at your musings. When I read out your blog to him, he sort of looks at me blankly and then smiles the sort of smile that says…. I will let on I know why you are laughing, but i dont have a bloody clue really! Doh… men are from mars etc!!!
    You manage to put into words what a lot of ‘us women’ out there feel. Thanks so much for brightening up my days.

  70. katy if you get a moment read this


    a woman with terrific spriit and she has started her own blog


    so inspiring and it shows what life is really all about. You may want to tell your bloggers about her.


  71. Katy,
    In your blog you show an image of a stuffed blue bear named “bear.” My son picked out a bear just like this at Wal Mart in the dog toy section when he was 2 years old. It was the first item he picked in a store. He carried it with him everywhere and slept with it daily. Fast forward 10 years. We were staying in a military lodging facility when I was on leave and he left it there. Once we realized he had left it the staff had already thrown him away! He’s 12 years old and still cries about his beloved “blue bear.” Your image is the only one I could find of this bear. Could you find it in your heart to sell this precious bear to me so I can save my son from his grief. please email me back.
    – Eli

    • Hi Eli
      I suspect that you are looking at a very old blog post there. The date will be above it. As such, the blue bear has been very much loved and used by my son for many years now, and I am afraid that much as I would love to help you, I cannot. I wish you every luck tracing a bear. Kind regards, Katy

  72. Hannah Briere-Edney

    I detest this referendum and every atom of the toxic cloud of hate that surrounds it….. however, if it hadn’t happened I would never have stumbled upon you’re blog. So it’s not all bad.

  73. Great job Katy. I and my friends have been posting and cross posting frantically for the past weeks trying to influence the situation and vent our frustrations. The abuse that comes back from the Brexit side is often something to behold..well not really… we are all pondering what to do individually. Collectively its more difficult – start a new party because all the others are either tainted or trapped in the past – how to keep the 14 to 20 year old engaged and angry so they can give the others especially the conservatives and UKIP a good kicking at the next election? Meanwhile will in fact we ever Brexit just stay in limbo land and hope the world stabilises seems to be the only plan
    Some voices in Europe think the UK will defer initiating Article 50 indefinitely. Conservatives are probably assuming that after a while the markets will calm down and start to believe either we wont really leave or it will be the Norway option which economically is not as bad (Politically silly but that’s another story) The tone of Cameron et al yesterday was very much softly softly and its clear to me that just as the referendum was called to solve a party not a country issue they now calculate that if they can soldier on to the next election the UKIP vote will fade away as their issue just evaporated, Labour will still be unelectable and under first past the post they will stroll home. That’s highly likely unless the economic effects are bad enough to sustain the frustration of the 48% and protest voters in the 52% and todays 14 to 18 year olds for 2 3 4 years.
    I said a week ago the referendum throws up so many opportunities for journalists to shine – though the shine seems to fallen off the ex Journos Gove and Boris – Very Very funny piece from the Guardian http://bit.ly/29cuuJd.
    As Cameron is still PM and probably pissed off with life the universe and everything why doesn’t he just say ‘its a mess, UK politics is a mess, Sam says I should clear my desk for the holidays so I decided to cancel the referendum close the house of lords to save some cash and form a new pro EU Government with my friends ..oh not enough to fill all the posts – well my family…them too…Oh well what the fuck I’m going to cancel the referendum close the lords and call a new election immediately after the hols … fight them on the beaches wot …they say the beaches at Benidorm are quite nice but I don’t think Sam would feel at home its sooo UKIP. We could go to the Isle of Man or Channel Isles they have nice beach’s …but we didn’t let them vote. Are there any beach’s on Gibraltar? I went there once!

  74. Spoken with feeling, Katy. I shall be following with interest. I like Georgette Heyer too, though I haven’t read her books for years. She was a formative influence when I was a teenager (a long time ago). Very comforting when one is poorly, I used to find.

  75. velovoiceblogspot

    Discovered your blog via Juliet Kemp on Facebook post-EU referendum. And now that I’ve found you, I’m never leaving! 😉 Another avid reader here, brought up on Georgette Heyer (my dad is her biggest fan, my sister named her business These Olde Shades) and hey, migraine sufferer too. Those are the 3 most obvious things in common spotted in less than 5 minutes here.

    More power to your elbow. Hope to see ye down the road.

  76. Just come across your blog on my Ffuck page Katy, can’t express how fortifying it is to read such a brilliantly witty and (to my mind) accurate critique of the crock of shit that was the EU referendum and it’s aftermath. There’s so many points you’ve made that I could pick out to wholeheartedly agree with but it would and up sounding so sickofantic I won’t. I’ll just say Bakewell Tart, seriously, how can you not?

  77. You are spot on!

  78. I love your work. I’m a 34 year old man in London and you speak exactly what I feel. Keep them coming!

  79. Your ranting is brilliant! Love it! Exactly what I have been feeling the last few days. Will remaIN here. x

  80. This is exactly how I am feeling. Thank you, Katy x

  81. Katy, Thanks for you great insight. My feelings are that we need to all rally behind a leader who can appeal to the majority and win a general election (overriding the referendum) with direction and passion and bring us unity. The problem is, there ain’t one on the scene yet!!! Does anyone know an MP with vision, integrity, courage, passion, who sees the whole big global picture and can bring the fundamental changes needed??? I have no idea. Cox could have been amazing. Andy Burnham???

  82. Now then pal. Superb stuff. You say it like Liane Moriarty.

  83. Only just got around to reading your about. My sister Gabrielle, who worked with you at some stage in London put me onto your blog during one of my family wide email rants about Brexit. A Georgette Heyer and a Pratchett fan as well? During the post result madness weekend I actually turned to a number of his you tube videos as a reminder of the good, funny, sane and thoughtful. Damn I miss him. Wonder what Sam Vimes would have thought of it all? Don’t have too, can re-read Jingo

    • I was thinking of Brexit when I was reading Men At Arms with my son over the last few weeks. Terry would have been a bright star in the muddy firmament right now. x

  84. At last I’ve found the widget that allows me to be noified of your new posts via email. I’ve missed so many since re-blogging your ‘Happy now?’ post that I’ll never catch up. I’ve missed some really good stuff 😦

  85. “Mostly it has just made me much more intolerant of things. I have less time on the planet so I am determined to put up with less shit.” – Lol, you and me both. I love yr blog, you almost make me wish I had a telly to see what all the fuss is about Bake Off (but not quite). I have a Leicester question and you are the only person I know in that neck of the woods, plus, from reading yr blog, you strike me as being a good person to ask – may I email you or something? It’s nothing private, so equally happy to do it here, just wasn’t sure what question etiquette on blogs was/is. As you can imahine, a woman who last owned a tv in the days when there were only four channels has hardly got her finger on the pulse of anything much…. 😉

  86. Hi Katy,

    I just wanted to say thanks for your blog which is thought provoking, enjoyable and funny. After many years of complaining but doing nothing you have inspired me to write to my MP-thank you. Small steps etc…

  87. Hello Katy!

    Firstly, a general ‘Thank you’ for your wonderful blog. Your posts always have me smiling and reading on 🙂

    I do hope you won’t mind my contacting you with a rather specific inquiry. I desperately searching for a particular item of Emma Bridgewater pottery – a small child’s mug bearing a simple design of sponge-printed dinosaurs (here are a few snaps: https://za.pinterest.com/WhatJu1ieLikes/dinosaurs-tractors-cars-elephants-1994/) – as a present for my sister, who owned the same mug when we were growing up.

    I notice you are a big fan of Emma Bridgewater pottery and wondered: are you perhaps able to help me in my search? Have you ever come across the mug in your visits to Collectors’ events? If you did know of any stockists or sellers who might be able to help me track down the item, I would be so grateful for your help.

    Many thanks and very best wishes,

    Amy Rose

    • Hi Amy. The best thing I can suggest is Ebay and watch it regularly. The runs are so short and suppliers tend to stock up on what’s new, but stuff appears on Ebay all the time. x

  88. Hi Katy, where are you? if your taking a long earned break, great. If your poorly, get well soon. Missing you, but no probs, just checking your ok xx

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  91. Anyone who writes “hither, thither and yon” is a very special person.
    I hope your move goes well!

  92. Good evening, and I was very interested to read about Edmond. I am very sorry indeed that he died.

    My mother, Wendy Craik, taught Edmund at Aberdeen University, And was also warden of Dunbar Hall.

    Edmond occasionally came to visit my mother and me in Kingston on Thames.

    Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? It all seems such a long time ago. (and I am retired now, from academia, in America, and spend most of my time writing poetry.)

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