More Knitting nonsense

I am utterly impressed by how many of you are knitters out there.

It is brilliant.

Let me tell you, fellow knitters, I am still LOVING it.

I do not really understand why it is so pleasurable, tangling up bits of sheep’s wool on two wooden sticks, but it very is.

You may recall a few days ago that I mentioned that I was having a bash at moss stitch. Well, I took my moss stitch to the knitting shop where I have my lessons and it turned out that Wikipedia lied to me, and I have not been doing moss stitch at all. Curses!

I have, instead, been doing seed stitch. It is a variation on moss stitch, so all is not lost, and what I have done looks quite nice, except for the fact that I am not very good at counting how many rows I have done still, and so there are moments of deep wrongness to the pattern, but they are fairly regular, and so they kind of look like I meant to do it, so that is very good too, and I am choosing to be terribly positive about it all because it’s too late to unpick it now.

I can’t remember if I told you that my plan is to make a ‘what I call’ scarf quilt? This is because I am doing masses of practice pieces, which could be scarves, but won’t be, because I have a slight problem with making plain scarves.

I love fancy scarves. I just don’t want to make a plain one. So I am going to stitch all my plain scarves together and make a huge blanket, and I’m going to try and stitch them together in contrasting threads and maybe stitch some patterns on them if I’m feeling really brave and I can do it.

So it will take bloody ages, which is why I have joined Ravelry (thevoiceofboo if anyone wants to say hello), but not put anything on there, because apart from a growing mound of coloured scarves which may one day be a blanket, there really isn’t anything much to show.

It is my penultimate lesson tomorrow night. As well as the scarf blanket, I also have two minor projects which I am working on, but which may not work out and I need help with them, so I am going to take them tomorrow and beg the lovely Alison to show me what to do to make them not rubbish, and more like I want them to be in my head.

I am definitely not ready to be an advanced knitter yet, so I am not signing up for the more complicated classes until I have a bit more to show for myself. I will miss the classes though, so I have sneakily signed up for beginner’s crochet, which starts in September. I have never even held a crochet hook, so I have no idea how it will go, but I decided that it might be fun to learn, and will provide an excellent excuse for buying more lovely wool, and there is some very lovely wool out there, begging to be bought.

4 responses to “More Knitting nonsense

  1. You will love crochet. Someone has just linked me to to a crochet pattern for a cat’s arse. What more could a girl want?

  2. Hooray! Somewhere in the back of my head, there’s the name of a pattern for a blanket that basically sounds like your scarf blanket but I can’t recall what it is – I know it’s not a log cabin design (although it sounds similar) but, tbh, it doesn’t really matter because you’re creating your own design! Also, I’ll be interested to hear how you get along with crochet, which I personally find MUCH easier than knitting. It’s also MUCH quicker but also uses about as third as much yarn to make something the same size as knitting it. I also find it easier to frog back in crochet rather than in knitting.

  3. The best bit of ravelry is getting an idea on your head, perusing all the options and then adding heaps of patterns to your list of things you will one day have the patience/skill/wool to knit…. my queue is at several pages and would take a lifetime to get through )

  4. I remember being taught to knit in the summer holidays by my Nan. We’d do about 3rows all day and in the evening she would take it all out to pick up a dropped stitch, and do about eleventy billion more for us whilst we were in bed.

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