Absolutely roasting here today. I have sweated about the place with a migraine brewing behind my eyes which is partly stress related and partly due to the relentless and oppressive heat making everything far too slithery for comfort.

Cat update is that Anorak is less licky today although I called the vet and have requested flea drops a week early. I need to call tomorrow to see if this has been approved. If not I shall have to take him in for a steroid injection. Derek is on fine form and everything is in the correct place and all is well. For now. She is probably lulling me into a false sense of security, but if that’s all I can have, I will take it.

I had lunch at my friend Jenn’s house today with my friend Kim there too. We ate in Jenn’s beautiful garden. Everything is blooming and verdant. The bees were buzzing through the mighty lavender plants. The roses were in full effect and her cabbages were large enough to turn into Cinderella’s coach. This is in direct contrast with my own garden, where Oscar continues to wreak havoc if left unsupervised for more than two minutes and the pond is so choked up with water mint and what looks like three, vigorous ash tree saplings that you could almost walk on water.

I wasn’t depressed by Jenn’s green fingers. It was a pleasure to sit in her garden. We ate sushi and delicious noodle salad and talked about nonsense. It was delightful. I couldn’t help but draw the contrasts with my own, blasted heath, but I have accepted that I will not be filling my later years with yellow book garden days and teas on the lawn and made my peace with it.

I’d take up zen gardening except that it would be full of cat shit by tea time and Oscar would undoubtedly break my rake.

Lunch was a delightful interlude.

The rest of the day was more stressful. This was largely down to my head rather than anything external. I did some vigorous hoovering. I went and stirred about the pond with a big stick and hoiked out weed for a bit. I did some yoga. I did a very tense drawing of a chrysanthemum head where I pressed down so hard on the paper I made marks in the table underneath. There are days when relaxing is not really an option I find. Today was one of those days.

I went out and bought myself a selection of heritage tomatoes and made the world’s largest Greek salad for my tea. That was quite cheering. In fact all the food today has been on top form, even though I haven’t and I do find that if you’re going to be a miserable git, you might as well have something nice to eat while you’re doing it.

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