Monday 10th May 2021

Hello loves. It’s been a few days. I am ok. I just needed a break from things for a bit. Therapy really jangled me up, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do, but I have been rather at sixes and sevens and coping with a brain full of hyperactive squirrelish behaviour did not lead to calm reflection about anything much at all, so I have been hunkering down and only attempting to do what is necessary or will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Let’s see. Since I last wrote, I have cleared up buckets of cat shit thanks to Anorak’s house arrest and antibiotics and two other cats who don’t like to be left out. They actually managed to crack one of the cat trays, which is quite impressive. Once he is back to his normal state, I am going to thank God that Jason decided to invest in a Vax and shampoo the literal shit out of the downstairs at least three times.

Anorak finishes his last tablets tomorrow morning and it cannot come soon enough for me, to be honest. This last week has made me thank all the deities that I never decided to become a vet or a vet’s assistant. There is a limit to how much of a nurse I can be. I note with interest that my ability to nurse animals with patience is infinitely longer than my ability to nurse people with patience, but not enough for me to have built a solid career on.

The great decluttering continues. I am slowly putting paintings and ceramics on eBay and trying to not rush out and buy replacements. We are reaching an interesting impasse now though. The storage unit has reached a rather impenetrable part and it is all going to get a bit Tetris unless I can find a way to be significantly more bendy than previously. If the alternative is staying home to scrub shit out of the carpets I will find a way.

The weather continues exceedingly weird and I have spent much of my time ripping various articles of clothing off in a boiling sweat and then turning the house upside down to find them when I inevitably start freezing my tits off, twenty minutes later. We are still experiencing some fierce and entirely random hail storms and lots of mini rain storms. The garden is slurping it up with a will and I can practically see my radishes growing in real time out the kitchen window.

I have been doing some house cleaning, but any attempts at the spring clean continuing have been thwarted by the cat situation. Mostly I am in damage limitation, attempting not to die of toxoplasmosis mode right now. I did hoover the stairs though, in an entirely non cat related activity. I also attempted to shift some of the lime scale in the upstairs loo, given that my thoughts are tending more towards the scatological these days. I did exactly as it said on the bottle. I do not usually do this, hence me documenting it. I learned, by jamming the u-bend in the last house solid with caustic soda, that it is important to read the label and do as you’re told when it comes to toilet hygiene. With this, I think dynamite might shift it, but I’m not sure that anything available to buy over the counter is going to move that lime scale. It was a thoroughly dispiriting process and one I will no doubt be doing many times over the coming months.

I have done no art. My head is noisy and my hands are sore. It is not a good combination. My hip has been an absolute bastard. I have walked every day for longer or shorter, depending on how it holds up. It is improving very slowly. It was good enough that I didn’t wake up in the night on Saturday night and actually woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in days. This is good. I am off to have a massage on Wednesday from my friend Mairi, who does wonderful things with essential oils that I always dismiss as nonsense until she pours them on me and I come out feeling as limp as a noodle. Wednesday is also the day of my next therapy session. We shall see what happens. I may have to be poured into a bucket and sent home in an Uber.

I watched the first episode of The Pursuit of Love at the weekend. I know most people on social media seem to hate it, but I rather enjoyed it. I have a deep and abiding love for the books and indeed, Nancy Mitford, but I thought this was a fun adaptation. I confess that I have a bias towards loving anything that involves watching Andrew Scott, so it was good for me.

10 responses to “Monday 10th May 2021

  1. Absolutely agree with your comments on Pursuit of Love, great fun adaptation…and the addition of Andrew Scott makes it even more watchable.

  2. Katy have you tried the white vinegar and hot water trick on your limescale? 2 large glugs of vinegar in a kettle, top up with water 3/4 full , boil then pour down your loo, leave for a while then attack with a loo brush

  3. We watched Episode 1 of the Pursuit of Love last night too and enjoyed it. They’re a ghastly bunch (and I was at university with people like that) but it’s been done in a fun way, and it’s a diverting change from reality right now.

  4. Glad to see you’re back! Seeing one of your posts in my inbox brightens my mornings. 🙂 If you ever do find a way to shift old limescale, please remember to tell me, will you? Where I live, the tapwater contains lots of lime and lots of iron, resulting in impressively disgusting stains. Hydrochloric acid doesn’t shift the limescale, but it does a brilliant job of making loos appear spotlessly clean for a few days. If you haven’t tried it, please, please, please remember to open the window/s as wide as possible AND to wear a mask (breathing in the fumes is quite dangerous). Also, never, ever, ever mix it with any kind of other cleaning stuff, unless you’d like some sensational explosions. On the plus side, hydrochloric acid is not at all dangerous to the environment/water cycle, and a few drops, sprinkled carefully onto the stains, go a looong way.

  5. I live in an area of really hard water (Hull) – the only thing that works to clean the loo is Harpic Black, and a good scrub..

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