Oscar is 14

Dearest Oscar

It is your birthday today. You are 14. I don’t really know what to say about that to be honest. It’s nuts.

You are supposed to be the baby of the family. It’s already a bit of a mind bender that the baby of the family towers over us and deigns to pat us on the head from time to time. Now it’s compounded by another year passing and the weirdness of you already being able to pass for someone who could easily take us all to the pub in your car. I would urge you to stop growing, but I don’t think it would have much effect at this stage. For a boy who resolutely decided to be six for about three years on the trot, it seems you’ve finally made your mind up to cover a lot of lost ground.

What a year it’s been. You said to me that this has been the most time you’ve had at home since before you started school and you’re not wrong.

When you were a baby, I stopped working because the demands of juggling three children’s lives was too difficult to manage on top of a job. That meant that you and I spent the majority of our time together until you went to school. There was a lot to love about mummy and Oscar days, as you called them. Like all my children you were good at lunch and adventures. I think we made a good team. Spending lockdown with you has given me a chance to update my findings on that front. We haven’t had the wherewithal to have lots of adventures, but you’re still an absolute delight to spend time talking to and your lunching skills have probably surpassed mine at this point. I have a lot to learn from you.

It’s fair to say that I’m still resolutely Team Oscar, despite the fact that you eat me out of house and home and your yearly shoe bills would put down a deposit on a small flat.

Thank you for still including me in your world. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasms with me, and patiently explaining manga to me. Thank you for still hugging me. Thank you also for not breaking my ribs when you do hug me because your hugs are still very much a contact sport. Thank you for making me laugh, even though most memes are an absolute mystery to me. Thank you for proving time and time again what an excellent brother you are, despite the fact your sisters drive you mad. Thank you for finally admitting you are a feminist. Thank you for always standing up for what is right and good in the world and being one of the bravest, kindest people I know. Thank you for still surprising me and making life interesting. Thank you for making me heart split tingly proud of you.

Thank you for being the very best cornerstone of our family. You complete us and make us a team. You are my very favourite son and one of my very favourite people. I love you.

p.s. you have a lot of sweets for your birthday this year, try not to get diabetes. Hospitals are very wearing places and I already have a bench with my name on it.

2 responses to “Oscar is 14

  1. Have a great birthday Oscar

  2. Happy birthday Oscar! Hope you all had a great day. x

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