Day 132

Back when I started blogging I used to give myself a blog holiday from time to time, because I used to write every day, sometimes more than once a day and it was nice to step away for a while.

In recent years I have blogged less and noodled about on other social media platforms more, and then, with the coming of lockdown things have swung full circle and I have been blogging every day again.

And I have also been scrolling the internet for hours on top – and from time to time, as documented on here, it has all become a bit much and I have attempted to step away from certain, more destructive, mind fucky elements of it in order to stay reasonably functional and sane.

It has met with varying degrees of success.

At the moment, things are reasonably stable again, domestically speaking. I am touching wood, crossing my fingers and praying to every deity as I say this.

So I thought I’d try something new (old). Instead of waiting for things to get really bad before I step away from social media for a bit, I thought I might take a little social media holiday so that I can actually enjoy it, and not spend my internet free time lying curled on the sofa, sucking my thumb and talking myself down.

I absolutely hate it when people announce that they’re leaving social media by using social media. It’s a bit like slamming the door in a temper so everyone will notice you.

And a lot like a futile gesture when they inevitably return far sooner than they said they would.

Having said that, I feel I ought to say that I’m going to be around/blogging less for a bit because in this time of COVID it seems rather cruel to just disappear and leave people to guess what’s going on, when actually there isn’t anything going on and for once in my life there is absolutely no drama.

I’ve got no idea what the hiatus will look like. I am very poor at sticking to plans so if I can I always find it best to wing it. I may decide I want to write every other day or once a week or maybe I will end up buggering off for a couple of weeks, but I just wanted you to know that I’m ok. I’m just experimenting with off screen life for a bit.

Obviously, if something brilliant/terrible happens I’ll absolutely fail to keep it to myself, so you’ll definitely get the highlights and the lowlights and if I manage to stay away for a few weeks I’ll make sure I catch everyone up with the omnibus edition when I return.


8 responses to “Day 132

  1. Have a good break just to say I have enjoyed reading your experiences of lockdown in comparison of my own. I also look forward to your book suggestions . Although you are a much more avid reader than myself. Take care Anne M

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  2. Have a lovely break. I hope whatever you decide to do helps you.
    On Friday I decided to take a month to “fix” myself – self care, hydrate, eat properly, exercise, wear clothes, basic cleanliness etc to try to get out of my lockdown “funk”.
    Lets hope we both benefit eh?
    All the best and take care. 🤗 ❤

  3. Katy, I am amazed you have lasted this long to be honest… but no one imagined how long this would lock down would go on for. I hope you enjoy your break.. I will miss you. I feel I share your highs and your lows.
    I found your log by accident years ago when I googled elderflowers of all things and the search engine highlighted your blog.
    That was years ago and now I feel I sort of know your lovely family too I have pictured your children growing up, and now one has flown the nest. There have been many times when you have soooo brightened my day and have had me chortling. You are such a wordsmith, I hope one day to read that book you have been writing. Meantime please look after you and yours and I hope your dads health improves.

  4. Fiona Anderson

    Thanks Katy, I appreciate the warning and won’t worry 😉

  5. I will miss your daily blogs but I totally understand why you would want to give yourself a break, if something starts to feel like an obligation rather than a pleasure then it’s time to step away for a while.
    Social media is a double edged sword, it has allowed me to connect with people that I almost certainly would never have met in any other way, and that has been a joy. It has also exposed me to people that I would never want to meet, and in normal circumstances would run a mile from. It can be a veritable Pandora’s Box, you know full well what the no go areas should be if you want to retain your sanity, but you are inexorably drawn to them anyway…
    I am trying to spend less time scrolling and return to my first love, reading books. We are looking at ways to improve the lighting to facilitate this, the trouble with quirky Georgian hovels is that light levels are low and plug sockets are scarce, but we have a plan – so if you don’t hear anything from me for a while it may be because we have blown up the house. I have had the all clear from the hospital at last re my eye surgery, and I am going to book an eye test in case my prescription has changed. I have also ordered The Magpie Murders on your recommendation, as it sounds like just the sort of not too demanding page turner that will keep me focused but not bemused or discouraged. I have a whole stash of great books waiting in the wings but I need to build up my concentration levels, as well as sort out the eyestrain!

    Looking forward to hearing of your doings, whenever you feel like sharing them. Take care xxx

  6. Thank you for letting us know. I enjoy your posts so much (as a fellow insomniac, I love having company), but I hope a holiday from such regular blogging will be good for you. Best wishes!

  7. Good wishes for your break. I hope you can pretend to be on vacation.

  8. All the best, Katyboo, enjoy your ‘holiday’!

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