Day Sixty Nine – Hit the wall

I have been feeling rather brutalised by things today. Overwhelmed by everything and nothing.

I am still rigid with fury about the news and have stress eaten all evening, watched crap television and now have a huge headache.

I have nothing particularly positive to say.

I nearly didn’t write this, because I just felt, probably for the first time since all this started, that everything was a bit futile.

It isn’t, I’m sure, but that’s how I feel today. And then I thought I should write that down because who wants to read a diary that has been edited, even if it’s by omission?

The sun still shone, I made top notch ramen with the beef left over from yesterday’s roast, and put perfect, soft boiled eggs in it. I went for a nice walk. I caught a lot of Pokemon. Nothing terrible happened to people I love. I found a cake that my brother bought me that I had put in the freezer because on the day it arrived, I had been given cake by a lot of other people. I’d forgotten all about my brother’s cake and it was really exciting to find it. My irises started blooming.

I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. Tomorrow is another day.

6 responses to “Day Sixty Nine – Hit the wall

  1. Thank you for writing it. In fact, thank you for writing all of it. You may not realise how good it is to read it and how much it helps. Xxx

  2. Chin up chuck😊….and other platitudes to that effect. Sometimes they work.

  3. You’re not alone in your fury about the news over the weekend. Look after yourself and try not to let it hurt you, if we can turn it to hurt our so-called leaders though. That way they don’t win.

  4. I absolutely feel the same, and I expect a great many others do to, so thank you for articulating it. I am still spitting feathers and despite dodgy gums, eating for England, I will struggle to go anywhere when this lockdown ends at this rate, with all the extra weight I will be carrying.
    I wrote to my MP this morning, it is probably the ultimate exercise in futility but I like the idea of tory MP’s inboxes groaning with emails of complaint from indignant constituents, if it only serves to irritate the bejaysus out of them on a bank holiday it will still be a small victory as far as I am concerned.
    Re discovery of frozen cake YAY! Eat more cake, you know it makes sense… xxx

  5. Oops that should read ‘others do too’ – standards are slipping, I blame rage and excessive snacking.

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