Day Sixty Eight -A mixed bag

Day sixty eight involved me being a bit less stupid. I’m not saying that will last, but it made a refreshing change. I took a short walk rather than a several mile ramble. I paid attention to my body and fed it when it was hungry, rested it when it was tired and generally did all the things you are supposed to do for yourself every day, but which I am not very good at by and large.

I spent a considerable amount of the day drawing and painting. Unlike yesterday where everything I did I found hard work and disappointing, today I did two pieces, both of which I like. One of them, a painting of a jellyfish, which I did for Noel’s Art Club, was actually featured in Noel’s Instastories gallery. This has been my dream ever since I started joining in with art club, and I am very, very proud of myself. Tilly has featured several times because she is a fabulous, proper artist. I was delighted to be tagging along behind. My second piece was good to a point, and then I overdid it, but I have photographs of the points which it was good, and that will do me nicely.

I read bits of lots of books, but couldn’t settle to any for any length of time. I watched two more episodes of the Netflix series Abstract, which is about design. I watched one about a woman called Neri Oxman who trained as a doctor, retrained as an architect and is now a bio-architect working out of MIT. She is amazing. Her whole process is about studying and mimicking what nature does but to create structures and buildings. Her thought process is simple but radical and her creations are astonishing and rather hopeful.

I also watched one about costume designer, Ruth E Carter. The process of design that she takes you through is absolutely fascinating, and her particular interest, in reclaiming black history through film and costume was really engaging. You got to see her work both as a retrospective of her career to date, but also up close through her work on particular films. It’s made me want to go and watch the films so that I can appreciate what she does with more focus.

I spent too much time watching the news and on Twitter today. Small pockets of the day have therefore been enlivened by absolute fury at this government and its duplicity and the sheer arrogance and danger of their behaviour. It makes me want to scream.

I shall eat some cold roast potatoes instead.

2 responses to “Day Sixty Eight -A mixed bag

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  2. I spent too much time doing that too, and I am not even on Twitter! I am suffering from a surfeit of rage and frustration, compounded by feelings of futility. Even my fantasy of 10 minutes alone with Johnson or Cummings wouldn’t make the slightest difference in reality, not having the overweening ego or arrogance of either, I doubt the benefit of my opinions would lead to some Damascene conversion… although it might relieve my state of mind, either that or get me arrested.
    I think I may have to resort to some distracting TV, I am already mainlining ibuprofen due to teeth gritting/grinding complications. Unfortunately we don’t have Netflix as Abstract sounds right up my street, I will have to trawl BBC4 on iPlayer for inspiration. I wish I hadn’t binge watched all the ‘Museums in Quarantine’ series the other evening now.
    Glad you are feeling better, and well done for the feature on Noel’s gallery!

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