A Week of Stuff

I had a slight panic last week regarding how many things I had to do in a week. Then I realised I had accidentally stuck three weeks together in one, which made things slightly less horrendous. I’ve often managed to confuse days before. I frequently have two Thursdays, or think I’m several days ahead or behind myself, but this is the first time I’ve glommed three weeks together.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re prone to anxiety attacks to be honest, although the relief after realising my mistake was rather splendid.

It was still a busy week, despite itself, and I find myself at ten to ten on a Sunday night already feeling a bit hamster wheelish, and like I’ve forgotten how to stop.

I’ve packed in a lot in the last seven days. On top of things like taking teenagers to the orthodontist, hosting wasp killers (who came to get rid of an interesting wasp nest near our back door) and boys to trampoline parties I’ve been picking up the threads of work again after a few weeks of wobbling around being poorly.  I’ve listed what is technically termed, a ‘shit ton’ of things on my EBay account this week in the hope that someone might decide I have the very thing they need. I’ve had one to ones with people from my networking group, and have been doing some work with private clients. I can’t say I’ve been businesswoman of the year, but I’m turning up and smiling in tights, and that’s what counts.

In more exciting news, I went to see a wonderful lady called Giulia Mio who is a hat maker.  She’s going to make me a splendid hat for my equally splendid wedding. I went to visit her in her studio and spent the most glorious hour amongst great pots of feathers and sequins. I got to try on hats, and basically did not want to leave, ever. She was lovely and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.

I was also a bit of a social butterfly this week. I went to see the poet Benjamin Zephaniah do a performance at the Curve theatre on Tuesday night. Tilly was there, selling books in her role as professional Waterstones book seller person, so I had to buy a book to support her. On Wednesday my husband took me out on a hot date. We went to see Oceans Eight and then ate delicious steak.  On Thursday I scooted off to Birmingham to hang out with my friend Alex for the day. In the evening we went to see Caitlin Moran talk about her new book to Jess Philips. It was great fun. We all got a signed book and I got a hug from Caitlin who was not put off by the fact that I was a hot, sweaty, menopausal mess. She called me a ‘Fellow vagina warrior,’ and frankly it was one of the best things anyone has ever called me. I may get a t-shirt printed.

I also managed to fit in tea and biscuits with my splendid friend Kim, and got to hang out with my mum and dad a few times. I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Carol, and altogether, it was jolly nice.

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