Our Only Hope

It may be because last week lasted about twenty years for me, due to the caffeine withdrawal, but it feels like January has already been going on for much longer than a month, don’t you think? I checked the date today and was absolutely horrified to find out it was only the 7th. To be fair it’s also that my kids haven’t gone back to school yet. Tilly goes back to uni tomorrow, but the other two aren’t back until Tuesday, so things aren’t in their regular groove, and I’m a bit lost.

Did I tell you I’ve had two dates this year already? That may also be adding to the confusion. Usually, what with one thing and another (largely being crap) we manage about two dates a year. We have unorthodox dates all the time, like sneaking off to the supermarket, or hanging out in Screwfix, but these were actual, real dates. I got taken out for lunch on Friday, which was very nice indeed, and then today we not only went out for lunch again, we also went to see The Last Jedi together. Alone. With no children. I did ask him what he’d done wrong (nothing, apparently). I also insisted he tell me if he was dying (he isn’t). These were just because dates. The best kind.

The novelty never fades. By the time Jason and I met, I already had the girls. Tallulah was one and Tilly was four when we moved in together. There has never been a time when our lives have not been festooned with children, so love them dearly though we do, we treasure any time we have together, alone.

We went to see the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. I absolutely loved it. It was so good. I cried almost all the way through thanks to Carrie Fisher, who I still miss quite viscerally, which is weird, I know. I can’t help it. Thank God I didn’t try to go and see it last week. I would probably have exploded. Anyway, I’m no film critic, but it was everything I wanted in a Star Wars movie. It was true to the original films. It was funny and sad and full of shooting and adventure, but also thoughtful and hopeful, particularly in today’s depressing climate. The only thing that could have improved it for me was some kind of Han Solo flashback, because he was always my favourite, although he did get mentioned a fair bit.

It also had loads of excellent roles for women, who did not have to get their kit off, or have massive boobs, or be helpless. Also, there was a decent, more reasonable representation of people just generally in the film, i.e. people of all colours and ethnicities as well as a better ratio in relation to gender. I said to Jason in the car, that if the whole of the human race was wiped out, and alien anthropologists only had films to go on, they’d be mistaken for thinking that anyone other than a white, male, was a rare bird indeed for the most part. It is wonderful to see such mainstream, popular films, doing something to address this imbalance.

My only criticism is that I’m not really that worked up about Kylo Ren as the bad guy. Partly I think it was because I was trying to place who he looked like through the film. I finally worked out that he’s part Alan Rickman as Severus Snape and part Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. Also, he was very sulky teenager and I wanted more ravening evil for my money. But it was a small thing and mostly I could ignore him, so that was good.

Also, I want a Porg.

And Carrie Fisher to still be alive.



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