Doctor Her

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will know that today the BBC announced who the thirteenth Doctor Who will be. I had hoped for Sue Perkins with Idris Elba as her assistant, but frankly I think the rising libido of most right thinking people on the planet caused by such an alliance would have melted what’s left of the polar ice caps, so it was never going to happen.

Instead we have Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor and OMFG I actually cried, and I’ve been stealth crying on and off all evening because this is fantastic, fantastic news. Firstly Whittaker is a brilliant actor and deserves the recognition. Secondly, it’s only taken fifty four years to get a woman Doctor.

Only fifty four.

But you know it’s not all party hats and streamers. Already the Daily Mail are picturing nude shots of Whittaker on their website, and Twitter is in an inferno of misogynistic, sexist crap (not my time line, because all my people are the best fucking people) in which people who haven’t seen her act or sat through a single episode are already saying they aren’t sexist but the can’t possibly watch now because the show is ruined.

They aren’t sexist but (They’re always ‘not sexist, but…’) they’re willing to base their whole argument on the fact that the only difference between her and Peter Capaldi is that she has tits and a vagina where he has man nipples and a penis. Because, you know, genitals are the root of all acting chops.

As an aside – Laurence Olivier had unfeasibly large testicles, which is the only reason why his Hamlet is so acclaimed. And his tights were under so much strain.

Also apparently female Time Lords are not ‘natural’. Because it’s totally logical that an imaginary, time travelling, Gallifreyan Time Lord with two hearts, who can regenerate into anyone and anything, and who travels through timey wimey stuff in a Police Box saving the universe every Saturday can only be a man.

So apart from that, it’s all good, and I’m just delighted.

I’ve already debated this far and wide across social media, but I wanted to note it here for posterity. I want to remember this day, because I really hope that one day people will look back at this furore, and wonder why it was such big deal. I really hope I’m still alive to witness it.

Jason caught me crying about the news and was utterly baffled as to why I thought it was such a big deal.  I read him this amazing blog post about it, and it made me cry all over again and is utterly brilliant.

Then I showed him what one of my friends who has a baby daughter wrote. She said that it’s amazing that her daughter is going to be able to grow up thinking that it’s totally normal for girls to be Ghost Busters, or Jedi Knights or Time Lords, and how wonderful it is that she won’t have to make do with being a side kick or a Disney Princess (unless she wants to).

And he got it.

And I tweeted Jodie Whittaker, and I told her that the last Comic Con I went to, I went as David Tennant’s Doctor Who, but that it’s going to be better at my next one, which I will go to as her, the thirteenth Doctor Who.



8 responses to “Doctor Her

  1. Sally Griffiths

    Bravo lovely Katy. Thanks for writing this.
    I’ve been astonished at the reaction. It’s not like they didn’t drop enough spoilers that the next doctor would be a woman…How come it’s fine for the Master to change to a woman but not the doctor? I mean honestly?!?

  2. Yeah! What you (both) said!

  3. Reblogged this on Eclectic pleasures and commented:
    Yup – what Katy said.

  4. Angry comments about the new Dr. turned into episode titles. Make lemonade…

  5. It’s such exciting news, isn’t it Kate?
    I shouted with joy when I heard the news and, although I’ve already brought up my daughter to be as strong as she needs to be, to get what she wants in life, I can now see a whole new generation of little girls being inspired by our new, female, Doctor.

  6. For the “I’m not sexist, but” brigade to consider – if they can.
    If Female Time Lords (Time Ladies) are not ‘natural’ – what about Missy, the Master’s latest regeneration? She was definitely female, and an older female at that. Did she ‘get away with it’ because the Master’s a baddie?

    I dunno, some people ought to get out more if they’re getting het up about this and not the number of people homeless or the government beginning to seriously consider cutting the foreign aid budget!

  7. I have been away for 10 days celebrating my birthday, I hope Tallulah enjoyed hers as much as I did! I find as the years go by I demand longer and longer celebrations to compensate for the fact that I am getting well old now. So I have reluctantly returned from Bristol and Ceridigion (which has to be one of the most beautiful places ever) to a selection of your blogs to cheer me up. The line ‘Christ on a bike, if we were to follow all this advice, all women over size six and over age 25 would be going around like Uncle Fester with a sack on our heads apologising for taking up valuable space and oxygen’ made me laugh so much I nearly spat my Pinot Grigio out. So thank you for that and the fashion advice, most of which confirms my suspicion that we are, in fact, both style icons who are way ahead of the curve here.
    As a retired am dram person I commend Oscar for recognising early in his career that the best parts are the ones that don’t require learning huge amounts of words, but preferably allow you to steal the scene anyway.
    I also fondly remember the sports day when my spectacularly unsporty younger daughter (to be fair they both took after their mother in this respect) having come second to last in the sack race and egg and spoon – mind you it was her refusal to cheat that was her undoing in that particular athletic trial – made me almost burst with pride by volunteering to take the place of another girl, who had fallen over, in the obstacle race. She didn’t do any better results-wise but that made it all the more noble in my eyes.
    I don’t even watch Doctor Who but I am also delighted by this news and as far as I am concerned anyone who was previously a fan but thinks they can no longer watch (without even giving it the benefit of a trial) is pathetic and probably needs therapy. If, however, the writing/acting turns out to be not up to the usual standard – whatever that may be – then that’s another matter and they can criticise with impunity.

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