Forgive Me

For it has been ten days since I last blogged.

Everything is ok, I am just busy or tired or busy and tired. I’m still busy, still tired, but just thought I ought to make an appearance, however brief.

The news is as follows:

Menopause. Symptoms now much more manageable. Hot flushes are still go, but given that we have put the heating back on and it is raining like there is some kind of competition going on, they’re not as problematic as they could be. Still prone to random tears at inopportune moments such as when I poured myself too much granola the other day (really? I mean, of all the things), but again totally manageable because it’s all explicable and not actually very sad. I just ate the granola and the problem went away. Still prone to forgetfulness and randomly shouting ‘ironing board’. Learning to live with this.

Mood. Pretty even apart from the odd granola based blips.

All in all a huge tick for remaining menopausal forever. My jabs run out next month and my consultant appointment is not until the end of August. I know how well the jabs are working for me because when this was pointed out to me today when I went for this month’s jab, I panicked. I have managed to move my appointment to July and get the consultant’s secretary to ask about extending the jabs so that I can continue with them until l’ve seen her and a plan has been made.

Migraines. One. Stress related only and again, tolerable because I totally understood why it had turned up, and it only lasted a day. Admittedly a long, horrible day, but only a day. Also, no vomiting or blindness with this one, which is better.

Children. In the thick of A-Levels, GCSE options, orthodontics and being ten. Still making me laugh, which is good as it seems increasingly clear that if the Tories get in I will either have to eat them, sell them or rely on their charity for the rest of my natural days.

Husband still in credit for having bought tickets to see Elbow in June.

Cat. Deranged.

Friends. Excellent.

Many lovely things have happened. Also some less lovely things like the flat roof above the kitchen flooding again. But it will have to wait until I am more the thing.

How are you?

12 responses to “Forgive Me

  1. Missed you. Glad it is all kind of sorting itself out. “They” want to take me gall bladder, section my liver (cut a bit off) and generally talk cancer with me so I think you will be sorry you asked me. Inclined to tear up a lot and I’ve been through “t’change”. Am going though Alevel stress, text from son that AS maths exam today did not go well and I am not to ask about it …. at all. We seem to be a bit on the same page. I had blinding vomiting headaches, found out I really am allergic to gluten, I mean really am – not it will ok if the soy sauce isn’t gluten free this one time allergic – really allergic to gluten. Proud owner of my own breadboard now. So I feel for you in all your trials. You boost me up with your positivity and I missed you.

  2. Nigel Middlehurst

    Glad you’re back, but I have to admit I’ve been too busy recently to notice you’re absence! Just finished some work that has kept me sane for the past few weeks, now the challenge is to find another job quickly to stave off the boredom of semi retirement and keep the brain active before I fall into the clutches of daytime television, keep up with the blogs I sure there will be plenty to discuss in future weeks!

  3. I, too, find myself randomly shouting “Ironing board”. Do you think it’s common?

  4. Hello, lovely Katy – great to hear from you! Something I’ve learned in the interim: Livin’ and Lovin’ is what it’s all about. All the rest is uncontrollable nonsense to be acknowledged, repaired, resisted, endured, or ignored. Have a good weekend xxx

  5. Your intro brought back some memories from my very catholic childhood ‘forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been two weeks since I made my last confession….’ Not easy to come up with a list of transgressions when you are only 10 and the nearest you’ve got to a sin was sneaking an extra biscuit for supper, by the time I was sinning big time and could have given him enough material to write a novel I had given up going to confession.
    I, too, am very tired but also full of snot, those parts of me that are not full of snot are full of quiet despair anticipating another five years of tory government. It would seem after a lifetime of supporting democracy and freedom, that I may have been mistaken and some people really are incapable of making an informed decision and will consistently support people who don’t represent their interests and then moan like buggery when the inevitable consequences impact on their lives. Twas ever thus but I really can’t be doing with it anymore….
    Glad to hear that your symptoms are more manageable and I hope you can continue with the injections asap, they are obviously the right solution for you. Also hope the A-Levels go well, keeping everything crossed for Tilly. Finally hope that the lovely things far outnumber the unlovely for the foreseeable future!

    • I too am somewhat in despair about the state of the nation. I really cannot understand people who vote for harmful things knowing they are harmful but insistent that it is better to have someone who ‘gets things done’ when the things they get done are awful. Makes no sense. Sorry about the snot situation. xxx

  6. I am well, thank you for asking. Slightly overwhelmed by work, and appreciating that it is much better than this time last year. Still hot flushing, although no longer fearful that I will combust so that’s good. Not as fit as I could be, working on that though and trying to take small steps everyday instead of a dramatic geature every so often. I do like my dramatic gestures! Remembering to be kind. Trying to remember anyway, then trying to be kind. I’m glad you’re ok.

    • Small steps is good. I over did things rather last week and am paying the price now. Kindness also good. Brilliant to hear you are no longer molten. xx

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