Easter Update

Hello everyone.

I’m still here. Just about.

This having an entire menopause in a short space of time thing is turning out to be trickier than anticipated so I’m catching my breath and taking a bit of time out from social media for a while.

I feel I am very lucky in that my symptoms appear to be mostly mild (-ish) but fairly rapid cycling, so I’m not entirely sure where I’m at from one day to the next and that takes a bit of getting used to. I mostly seem to have finished bleeding now, which is good. My joints are proving a little problematic, and I have had a headache for about ten days, which ebbs and flows. It did turn into a migraine for about twenty four hours last week, which was grim, but now we’re back to dull grinding. It’s making it hard to think but as long as I don’t push myself too hard, it’s manageable.

My next jab is due next Friday and I am hoping that by then, my body/mind will have got the idea and be more in the swing of things.

So, I am catching up on some box sets I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. I’m reading a lot (as per), I’m eating huge amounts of baked products and cheese, and I’m gardening because it forces me to get out and do things, even on the days when I mostly weed the gravel and cry.

I have done lovely things. I took my mum to London for the day and we went to see the Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain. We ate lots of food and managed to fit in a trip to Daunt Books as well, so that was great.

I have had a birthday. It mostly involved eating Thai food, which was good. Jason and I ended up with no children for the large part of the day, so we hopped in the car and went to Eyam, because it’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for years and never quite got around to. The sun shone, we wandered around. It was lovely. Tilly made me a cake when we got home, which we shared with friends the day after my birthday.

It’s the Easter holidays. The children are in and out, doing this and that. Occasionally I throw them in the car and chauffeur them somewhere. Yesterday it was everyone’s turn to come to our house. By tea time there were about twelve of us sitting around the table, eating pizza and talking nonsense. It was lovely.

Happy Easter lovely people.


8 responses to “Easter Update

  1. Sally Griffiths

    Happy Easter, lovely Katy!

  2. happy Easter xx

  3. Isobel Kenmure

    So glad to see your post. It is one of the first things I look for each day when I open e-mails. Have a happy Easter and I hope your menopause allows you to start functioning normally again soon.

  4. Happy Easter, dear Katy – love to you and yours xx

  5. Look after yourself. Cuddle the cat. Take care & eat cake. God bless.

  6. I was wondering how it was going. Sending good thoughts.

  7. Happy Easter, and belated happy birthday. May next year be the year of Positive Health!

  8. So glad you’re coping as well as you are, Katy 🙂
    Happy Easter to you, and your’s 🙂

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