List of Kindness

Last week was a better week in that I functioned almost normally for the whole week. Less crying, more doing, but also more tiredness and less emotional bandwidth for stuff that could and does tip me over the edge into not being able to cope.

Lovely things happened. My brother and I took our mum and dad out to Glynn Purnell’s in Birmingham to eat a nine course tasting menu to celebrate early mother’s/father’s day. It was delicious, although I did have a gigantic hot flush on the way home which saw me leaning out the window with my tongue out all the way up the M6 while sweat rolled off me in waves. I’m just glad it happened on the way out. I hate it when stuff puts me off my dinner.

I went to see Elbow last week. It was the closest I’ve come to a spiritual experience (that didn’t involve food) in years. It was everything I hoped it would be and more and I just loved it. I’d like to go again and again, only I know that would be greedy. I’ve been driving everyone mad listening to their new album on heavy rotation ever since.

My own lovely bunch took me out to my favourite Thai restaurant for lunch yesterday (Thai Orchid, Banbury) as an early mother’s day celebration. It was fantastic. I also went out with my friend Caron on Friday to eat fondue. It seems that everyone is intent on fattening me up for posterity, which is good, although I will have to stop sometime soon as the seams are beginning to creak alarming. My own and my clothes.

I also went to lots of meetings last week and took many notes and fired off emails and attempted to appear slightly efficient, only marred by turning up for a meeting at one site when it was at another site entirely. Although I did make it eventually despite wanting to chuck it all up and go home, particularly after spending twenty minutes circling a car park, swearing and waiting for a space. Nevertheless I count all these things as small victories.

Today is the first day of spring. I celebrated it by eating toast with a friend, wandering around doing errands in the pouring rain and falling asleep wrapped in a blanket on the sofa this afternoon. It is, apparently,also international happiness day. I am celebrating it by not reading the news and not telling myself off for falling asleep.

Tallulah’s school is celebrating a whole week of being kind to each other. The girls have all been given a list of things they could do to be kind to each other this week. It is slightly concerning that the school are obviously not comfortable in the knowledge that they might be able to figure out how to be kind to each other without a list. And that a week is about as much as can be expected of them on the kindness front.

As expected, the list is hideously embarrassing and was clearly given out by a teacher who goes by the moniker, ‘Call me Dave.’ He probably sits sideways on the desk rather than in a chair, and almost certainly does social science of some kind that means he can claim to be down with the kids.

If the kids were on Noah’s Ark.

One of the suggestions for kindness was to write a lovely note and slip it into another pupil’s backpack for them to find.

Tallulah has put a note inside one of her friend’s back packs.

It says: ‘Dear Nadiya. You have a delightful pancreas.’

Maybe they did need a list after all.

9 responses to “List of Kindness

  1. watchingthewheels

    Yes – I want to know how she knows her friend has a lovely pancreas? 🙂

  2. I had to laugh at Tallulah’s note! I think the kindness thing is a lovely one, but like the calendar or somesuch that came out recently (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, was it?) I feel saddened that people need to be told what is kind and how to do it. Remember in all things, be kind to yourself too x

  3. It doesn’t actually surprise me that they need a list – I don’t remember being particularly kind when I was at school.

  4. Ooh, sounds like a cracking week. Did Glynn Purnell’s live up to the hype? We went to Sat Bains last month which was just perfect. Your Tallulah cracks me up x

    • It did live up to the hype yes. I also loved Sat Bains when I went, although I haven’t been for years. It’s a bugger to find, but well worth it. x

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