Feeding Frenzy

I am Still unspeakably tired. It is half term. I should not be tired. I should be turning off my alarm and wallowing about like a hippo in a onesie, ignoring the children and reading books. That this is not happening is a cause for some distress in my life. So far there has been a great deal of activity and alarm clocks are still a feature. Gah.

I do not feel guilt that I am not all about the outdoors and fresh air and exercise. I loathe all three of these things with a passion that remains undiminished as the years go by. I do not like cagoules or stout walking boots, or marvelling at the lark upon the wing. I just want to draw the curtains and sit in the gloom with the cat, who hates the weather as much as I do. She is a very reliable predictor of frost, as she will not go outside and wee if there is a nip in the air. She hates having a cold bottom. Hates it.

And frankly, who can blame her?

Despite the frantic time table, there have been lots of lovely things about the week so far.

Sunday was spent hosting my parents’ birthday feast (their birthdays are three days apart). My mum’s cooker has been dead since the end of November, and she was craving roast chicken with all the trimmings, so that’s what she got. I added Yorkshires to the ‘all the trimmings’, because why wouldn’t you? I also made cauliflower cheese with Romansco cauliflower and a version of cheese sauce I adapted from some amazing Welsh Rarebit I had recently. We finished with the classic chocolate Malteser cake and ice cream. It took hours to cook and minutes to eat, but it was lovely to share the day with them and we spent until the evening squabbling over the crossword and roaming far and wide conversationally from politics to the order of the Hanoverian kings and back.

The children and I went scuffling off to the library yesterday. We made a pit stop at Simon’s deli for supplies and generally wandered from book shop to bakery, to deli to library to book shop. This is the sort of urban safari I approve of. Tilly made Thai green broth with prawns for lunch, and spent the afternoon making a chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m glad she’s not moving out just yet. I went on a date with Jason to see Train Spotting 2 at the cinema. Yes, our idea of romance is to sit in the dark, not talking to each other, watching a film about smack heads and feeling nostalgic for the old days. What of it?

Today I had to collect my brother from Big John’s garage at some unholy hour of the morning. His clutch had died and to keep him busy while Big John fitted a new one, I made him come with me to my new favourite Indian supermarket (Pak Foods in Evington) to stock up on spices. He then showed me the new oriental supermarket he found at the back of the old football stadium as was. After that we did more food shopping in a conventional supermarket and came home laden with spoils (and new tortoise substrate). Oscar and I spent the afternoon with some friends devouring cake. I cooked herb crusted roast beef for dinner and spent the evening failing to win the pub quiz but enjoying myself mightily.

As I type it is clear that food is a key theme of the week so far, and looks set to continue. Books are on the agenda. I have finally finished A God in Ruins, which was perfect. I have not read anything else yet, but there is still time. All would be perfect if the alarm clock could be dispensed with and there were less errands to run, but I can stagger on as long as my belly remains full. If I continue to eat at this pace I may not so much stagger as roll.

4 responses to “Feeding Frenzy

  1. Except for the alarm clocks, this sounds perfect! I am ordering my copy of A God In Ruins form my local bookstore today. Can’t wait!

  2. I sat down at my laptop to distract myself from thoughts of food (my jeans are too tight already), after rather a hefty day doing things I didn’t enjoy – only to be confronted with roast chicken, chocolate cake, more chocolate cake, Indian spices and Thai broth, not to mention roast beef, bakeries, delis and yet more cake. Hopefully, after all that virtual food, I will feel quite satisfied, but it might just send me on a frenzied micro-search of my intentionally (but lamentably) empty kitchen cupboards.

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