Pit stop check in

I went to a meeting at 1.30 pm today. Then I went from there to a meeting at 3.00 p.m. Then I had to call a local radio station and talk to them for half an hour. It was very glamorous. I sat in a car park. Then I drove to another meeting. On the way I stopped at my local Co-op to buy a biscuit, which I swallowed the last crumb of as I walked in the door of the meeting. I got home at 8.30 looking rather wild and windswept.

I did think rather ironically of the whole ‘slowing’ down thing as all this was galloping apace. In my defence, after travelling at 150 mph last week, this is slowing down of a sort. It’s just going to take me some time to get back to normal pace. I’d say I’ve been motoring at about 80 mph today.

It’s not ideal, but things are going in the right direction. Here’s some stuff about today.

My dishwasher got fixed. The dishwasher repair man tried to go a bit rogue and replace hinges on my oven door for reasons which are still not entirely clear. What was clear that I didn’t want to pay him the £120 he tried to charge for something I didn’t want, so he took them off again, and my oven door still shuts, so that’s a win.

The library furore has died down and things are taking a surprisingly optimistic tack. Nobody wants to string me up. The controversial meeting has been cancelled for good reasons, due to the fact that the library has a reprieve (albeit one I think may be temporary). We are now focussed on positive action that will keep the library open and thriving for as long as possible. I prefer this to manning the barricades. Usually you only get to man the barricades when it’s freezing and I’m not well. I’d have to droop against the barricades shivering, which isn’t half as effective.

I am going on local radio in the morning to talk about the library. This is quite hilarious to me. I usually have to go on with my gloomy, Eeeyore voice to talk about cuts to the local NHS services, so it’s almost a holiday.

My NHS/local paper meeting this afternoon was feisty. We skirmished. We are all very polite. I say we. I mean my colleagues round the table who are old school, good mannered, good people and indulge my hoydenish ways. It was invigorating. The summary. The NHS is still going down the toilet. We are attempting to put cling film over the seat.

My health is a trifle better. I am still mostly eating bread and Hula Hoops although I did branch out into granola today. Someone offered to sell me a copy of the Socialist Worker this evening. I only had twenty pence on me and felt very ashamed of my middle class aspirations when I confessed I’d spent the rest of my money on granola in the Co-op because it was on offer. I shall be first agains the wall come the revolution. There will be buckets of blood, and Dorset cereals.



4 responses to “Pit stop check in

  1. Katy, 80% will not do. You can still get a speeding ticket and possibly a custodial sentence from your family (i.e. a period in bed, feeling generally lousy). Well done for trying though …. 😉

  2. I might be tempted to pay the repair man £120 to clean my oven, it is in the most disgraceful state, apart from the small oven which is pristine as it hasn’t worked since about a month after the warranty ran out. I believe I have ranted on your blog before about the joys of owning a Smeg cooker, so I won’t go into details, but suffice to say the baked on muck of ages is not entirely my fault, although the fact that I loathe cleaning it isn’t helping. I keep threatening to get ‘a man in’ (not being sexist a woman would be equally acceptable, but I fear either will need the powers of a super hero), I mean how expensive can it be? Colin then says ‘No I’ll do it’ and another year goes by.

    If this is your idea of slowing down I’d hate to see what full speed looks like, saving the world before breakfast and peace for all mankind after lunch? If you are going to achieve all this you will need to eat more than granola and biscuits, if you can’t find any kryptonite at the Co op at least try some spinach, Popeye speaks very highly of it….Xxx

    • Oh, my oven is pretty grim too. I pay a chap once a year to come and chisel the worst of it off. It’s a necessity given how much we use it and I have tried to do it myself in the past but really there is just not enough time or will.

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