Two minds

For anyone ‘in two minds’ about Trump’s Muslim Ban. (Although how you can be is something I’m trying very hard not to think about. But it is a thing, apparently).

No. I know it’s not being called the Muslim Ban officially. The Holocaust wasn’t called the Holocaust officially either. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. (If you are a Holocaust denier, fuck the fuck off. You are unspeakable).

The details of the detainees support the fact that it is a Muslim ban. The statement by Rudy Giuliani that he was asked by Trump to find the way to enact a Muslim ban supports it (which you can actually watch, by the way). The fact that other travellers from the seven countries on the ban list are being let in and there are reports from other faith groups in those countries that when they have visited US embassies to check if they can travel, they are being told that they will not have to worry, supports it.

So apart from the overwhelming evidence you’re right. It might not be a Muslim ban.

Oh wait. It is.

Then, if you’re still in two minds because for some reason you think that Muslims are terrible people and should be banned, think about this.

No terrorist attacks perpetrated on US soil have been committed by any person from one of those seven countries on the ban.

So this means that all the citizens of the countries from which terrorist attacks that have been by Daesh members or sympathisers in the USA are still free to travel.

I would particularly draw your attention to Saudi Arabia, where the majority of the 9/11 bombers came from, and which has the most appalling human rights record. They are completely free to travel. (I know the UK doesn’t have a good track record here. Two wrongs don’t make a right).

It might interest you to know that Trump has many business ties with Saudi Arabia, and indeed other countries which have perpetrated terrorist attacks and which are not on the ban list. I wonder if there might be a connection. To my knowledge he doesn’t have any in the countries that are listed in the ban, although I may be wrong.

All the people who have been either sent back home, denied the right to fly at all, or held on arrival in the USA have valid visas and/or green  cards which mean that they will already have been vetted by security forces etc. Furthermore, many of them have lived in the USA for decades.

These people have had more vetting by US agencies than the president himself. The irony is not lost on me.

The holding of these people is against the Geneva Convention. It is also constitutionally illegal. This makes Trump and all who have colluded with him criminals for breaking their own laws.

Regardless of all that, the sheer inhumanity of what is going on is staggering.

People who were in mid flight when the ban was put in place have been arrested as criminals. It’s not like they could have removed themselves from the plane.

Mothers have been separated from their children, in at least one case, a newborn baby, for hours.

Children as young as five have been handcuffed. When questioned about this Sean Spicer at the White House said it was entirely possible to believe that these children were terrorists. These children, who have green cards, who have been vetted, who may have been born in the US, because this ban also affects those with dual nationality. And even so, children. Tiny, frightened children.

This is unacceptable and indefensible. And I don’t care what Obama did, or what Clinton might have done. That’s not the point. It’s smoke and mirrors. We’re talking about what is happening now. Right now.

My friend posted a photograph of her sleeping son on Twitter yesterday. She made a point which shouldn’t even need making. Those children are no different than our children. That we are letting this happen means it could happen to us. It should not be happening at all. She’s right. I watch that footage and my heart breaks for every child because it could be mine, every frightened parent, brother, sister, mother.

You might think it couldn’t happen here, except that it does. Not only is it affecting our own citizens, despite the assurances from Boris, and Theresa that it will be ok. It is happening in our country  to people in our detention centres. It happens when we turn people back at airports and borders and ferry ports who came here seeking safety. It happens all the time when we turn our back on those who are not ‘us’. As if we have the right to decide that. As if we know. And for those who classify those people as monsters. I think we’re more monstrous.

So write. Write to Theresa May. Write to your MP. Join Amnesty. They do the writing for you and you just have to click send. You can write about Trump’s ban and our absolute lick spittle behaviour to Saudi. It is possible to do both, or several things at once.

I shall end with something else I keep seeing on social media and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Now is your time to choose what side of history you want to be on. I know what I’ve chosen. I know how I want to be remembered. How about you? Have you made your mind up yet?

13 responses to “Two minds

  1. With you all the way here. Keep up the great work!

  2. smerlinchesters

    Totally agree with your stance on everything. I got into huge fights with fellow Italians on twitter because some were favourable to the ban everywhere!! And I said ‘so do you agree us Italians should be deported from UK, then? Because many Brexiteers have voted for Brexit to get rid of us!!!’ – Replies were in full outrage mode ‘How do you dare to compare Italians to Muslims?’ – I blocked them all without replying because ignorant and thick people do not deserve debate or an answer. The ‘other’ can be anyone, regardless of faith, race or nationality. It depends on what the ‘other of the day’ is. I really liked those signs at the protests that were saying ‘First they came for the Muslims and… we said… feck off!’
    Anyone agreeing with Trump’s policies is out of my contacts immediately, I always knew which side of the history I wanted to be on.
    Great post, by the way!

  3. I just tried to write a coherent response to this post, but I got lost in the mire of my own anger and frustration. What I want to make sure I say is this:
    Katy, never give up. You are inspiring.

  4. I still can’t get over how often you read my mind and write it down Katy!

    When you think about how it could happen to any of us, think of my family who would have been one of those stopped had we been in mid-flight last Friday. While they tried to work out whether or not the ban applied to UK nationals born in one of the “Seven”. We go to the US most years but shan’t be going again while the Trump is in office.

    As an historian, I reflect on the paranoia that gripped our medieval ancestors when Pope Urban II told everyone in 1095 that the Muslims would overrun Europe and ruin the lives of every Christian unless they took up arms and destroyed them. I see the same mentality all over Facebook today and lament that more of us have not moved on.

    I reflect too on all the manipulations by the powerful that have changed the course of history, sometimes for the better but more often not. I see Trump through the prism of a man who wants to win at any cost and must therefore take all measures to delay the inevitable US slip down to No.2 in the world GDP rankings, which is forecast to happen on his watch. I see Trump lending a hand to his Saudi friends to reverse detente and keep Iran in the cold, not least because massive economic growth in Iran mainly helps China. Everything will be about not “losing” to China, even when it doesn’t appear on the surface to be about that.

    I also have been thinking about who will end up on the right side of history (if there is such a thing), mainly in the context of the tortuous wranglings over the Article 50 vote. For now though, I won’t be buying American or hiring American but will be discovering and rediscovering the countries of my fellow Europeans.

    • Yes. We were going on holiday to the States this year to reconfirm our vows. We got married there a decade ago and wanted to mark it with a trip back. It won’t be happening. And yes, only today I was thinking about how history has a funny way of repeating itself, or sometimes not so funny for those of us in the midst of it all. x

  5. Perhaps even more chilling, Katy (or at least as chilling) is that the seven “banned” countries are also the last countries in the world (save Bolivia, North Korea and Iceland, I think), that do not have an IMF/Rothschilds central bank. There’s also a lorra lorra oil still to be got…

    • Yes there is. I was reading today about my grandad’s part in WWII. He was in Iran and Iraq. Turns out Winston was so keen to get us over there quick smart because we had a lot of oil interests. Not much changes does it?

  6. Thank goodness you’ve said it Katy, because it’s been driving me nuts this last week. I’ve been minding my elderly parents, so a bit out of the loop and raging from the sidelines to be honest, but I kept thinking ‘what about Saudi Arabia, what about Turkey, what about Egypt?’ to name just three. All of which are places where Trump has business interests, oddly enough…
    I’m glad if a few people are standing up and shouting at last. People that might actually be heard.

  7. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    I have t wholeheartedly agree with Kate here – what is being done to ordinary citizens, purely because they were born in certain countries, is totally outrageous – and that goes for our own country, too!

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