Today’s Manifesto

No. I will not be quiet.

No. I will not shut up.

No. I will not go away.

No. I will not accept being patronised.

No. I will not be mansplained to without calling you out.

No. I will not feel shame for something because it makes you uncomfortable.

No. I will not stop calling you out for your unacceptable behaviour.

No. I will not crumble if you call me names.

No. I will not back down when I am standing up for what I believe is right.

No. I will not be told I am wrong because my point of view is not yours.

No. I will not give way in the face of prejudice of any kind.

No. I will not make life easy for you.

No. I will not tolerate your abusive behaviour.

No. I will not stop fighting. Not for one second of one day for as long as I draw breath.

No. I will not be told.

No. I will not believe that what I am doing doesn’t make a difference.

No. I will not stop believing that we are better than this.

No. I will not stop believing that you are better than this and that is why you do not get a free pass.

No. I will not change my activities to make you happy unless you can give me a damn good reason.

No. I will not stop doing things so that you can feel better about your own idleness.

No. I am not naive. I am a brutal realist and yet I still trust the world can be and is good.

No. I will not be appeased by opinion masquerading as fact, nor will I accept, ‘that’s my opinion’ as a reason to not call out bigotry, racism, sexism and just plain fucking ignorance.

No. I will not let you break me.

No. I will not accept isolation or division.


Yes. I will help you if I can and what you are asking of me is not cruel, inhumane, indefensible or incompatible with my beliefs.

Yes. I will work with you regardless of your politics, colour, race, gender, creed and beliefs as long as we are working for the common good, together.

Yes. I will defend your right to have an opinion but I will not allow it to go unchallenged, because that is my right.

Yes. I will keep on keeping on, because what’s the alternative?

Yes. I will march, write, sing, chant, sign, campaign, protest and fund anything that I believe makes the world better for my children.

Yes. I will listen to your views as long as they are respectfully offered.

Yes. I will continue to believe that you are good and I will continue to appeal to the good in you and I will ask you to prove me right.

Yes. I will continue to believe that equality for all is the best thing for everyone.

Yes. I will continue to talk and write about things that you find uncomfortable because until we can speak freely and honestly about what’s real, what chance do we stand.

Yes. I am optimistic that change will come.

Yes. I know that change is already happening.

Yes. I know what we can do.


Yes. I will be your friend.

Yes. I will care about you.

Yes. I will love you.

Yes. I will hold your hand and walk beside you.

Yes. I will treat you as I wish to be treated.

Yes. I will continue to hope.



17 responses to “Today’s Manifesto

  1. Yes I will continue to read your blog because I find it inspiring

  2. “Mansplained”…? New one on me :0/

  3. Thank you Katy.

  4. That’s the best manifesto I have ever read and it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. You are a beacon of hope in a very dark world and I am so glad I found your blog. Xxx

  5. We may meet on the NHS march on 4 March. I hope we will, so I can hold you hand and perhaps we can walk a short while together. Thank you for the inspiration that you share.

  6. Totally with you.

  7. I don’t remember how I found your blog, Katy. I am so grateful that your wisdom is now part of my life xx

  8. I wish this was the manifesto given by every political party! 🙂

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