More Cheer Less RRAH

Welcome to the weird no man’s land between Christmas and New Year. These are the days when you lose track of time, you can’t remember whether it’s Wednesday or Saturday and your sleeping patterns are completely shot. You eat breakfast at noon. You’re tucking into supper at dawn. You watch weirder and weirder stuff on the telly because it’s there. You think about going to the sales and then realise it’s probably kinder to yourself just to stick your head in a blender.

Well, you do if you’re me. It’s like having permanent jet lag with the food cravings of pregnancy thrown in.

I hate this time of year. It’s like all the Sundays of my childhood coming back to haunt me.

I have been attempting to make a reasonably decent fist of things though. I don’t want to turn into a female version of Tom Hanks in Castaway, spending my days talking to a football on a stick and only realising as the credits roll that I’ve been trapped in a gigantic FEDEX advert. That would be crap.

Here are some of the things I’ve done in the last few days.

More reading. I’m going to post my books of 2016 post in the next day or two. I’ll share the highs and lows with you then.

Going to the cinema to see Rogue One and not beating a man eating four metric tonnes of loft insulation to death with my shoe in the process. Crying a lot. Not at the man eating loft insulation. At the film.

Savouring and slowly spending an Amazon Voucher someone was kind enough to send me for Christmas. I finally spent the last few pennies today after spending a very enjoyable week browsing and sorting and choosing and feeling as rich as Croesus because I hadn’t spent any of it yet and therefore, anything was possible.

Seeing lovely friends and family.

Eating disturbing quantities of cheese and throwing beetroot to the four winds. Cheese and beetroot is a winning combination as any fan of Bert Baxter will tell you. It is less winning when it’s sliding down your blouse, but that’s what Stain Devils were invented for.

I did go for some post Christmas exercise, but was so hungry half way round my chosen route I stopped for a sausage and brown sauce sandwich. It negated the exercise but it was an excellent choice and I don’t regret it one iota.

Browsing the children’s selection boxes. I am disappointed in the Finger of Fudge quality this year. Cadbury need to step up their game. It is not, as advertised, ‘full of Cadbury goodness.’ It’s too sweet and far too chewy. Chocolate Buttons on the other hand, remain a classic.

Watching the last two episodes of Great British Bake Off and being unnaturally excited about the return of Janet. One of my favourite contestants of all time. Also, after the last show I tweeted Chetna about her well deserved win and she replied. I felt kissed by the Gods of GBBO, which made up for my sadness that another thing I loved got fucked over this year.

Returning to my genealogy activities. I have, it is fair to say, rather ballsed areas of it up, due to duplicating things by accident. I dare not erase any of the strands in case the whole thing collapses, which is a little frustrating. On the other hand I made some very long awaited breakthroughs tracing various family members who had remained elusive up to this week and got extremely excited about some dead people I never met. I know genealogy is almost as elderly a hobby as gardening, but I don’t care. I’m nosy and it is the perfect thing for nosy people who want scurrilous gossip about their heritage.

Booking tickets to take my dad to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them tomorrow. We are bunking off for the afternoon. Hooray.

Trying to get slightly organised about next week. The children go back to school. Will and Pixie get married (WHOOP), I am getting my hair re-pinkened, and I am going to see the RSC’s version of The Rover. There are other things. Life juggling re-commences big time. A project I am involved in has reached the next step and I need to do some work on it. I am very excited about it. I am back on the banging the Food Bank drum as well. January is a hard month for many people and stale Christmas cake will not fill bellies forever.

My new diary is already filling up nicely. Even though I’m still not sure what day it is or will be.

6 responses to “More Cheer Less RRAH

  1. I’m worried. You have been lusting after ‘Nadiya’s Kitchen’ by Nadiya Hussain for weeks. Did nobody give it to you for Christmas? Is this what your voucher may be for?

    • I did get it. It’s very good. I just haven’t had a chance to cook anything from it yet. Recipes all look great and I really want to try the cod and clementine thing she does.

  2. Christmas Day was on a Sunday this year so we didn’t have the excuse of it feeling like a Sunday because it was, but the rest of the week was still confused about what day it was. Why is that? Is Christmas time a hiccup in the normal way time behaves? Or are we so wound up by the prospect of Christmas that we just opt out of real life for the duration? TV doesn’t help; you switch on for the news and sit watching Harry Potter and the Land of the Doomed instead, thinking this was on last night so it must be last night again.

  3. I wasn’t going to comment with this post, but your future foray into the Rover made me do so! Lol

    During the week, a friend came to visit, and helped me to tackle stuff I’d been putting off for years – namely, sorting out the ton of paperwork I’d accrued while getting my BA with the Open University!

    One of the first things in the first box, was my DVD of The Rover!
    I hadn’t even realised I’d kept it, so it was fun to put it to one side, to watch the whole thing again later on that evening.

    I remember all of my tutorial group groaning and moaning online to each other about it, and expected to do the same this time, but was pleasantly surprised when I watched it again.

    I envy your trip to see the RSC’s version, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did my version 🙂

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