Sticking my flag in a corner of the map

It’s manic here at Boo Towers. I start the days with every intention of blogging and then there the day was, and there I was, and never the twain shall meet.  I can’t even read a book at the moment. Mostly, I either fall asleep or stare, boggle eyed at the telly when I do get time to stop. It’s rather like a giant soothing dummy. It requires me to sit still and do nothing, and nothing I watch is taxing, so if I fall asleep in the middle of it, I don’t feel guilty.

I’ve written fifty three letters from Santa this week. There are a few more to write, but I have almost finished. I was going to do a few every day and this did not happen because I got complacent and decided I had everything under control. This was, in fact, a complete lie. The last few days have been, in consequence, rather Santa heavy.

I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. I am at that stage where I drag wearily home and think, ‘Yay!’ and then think ‘Bugger!’ But the ‘Bugger!’ is becoming less frequent. It isn’t that I had quantities to buy, I just had the really tricky people left. You know the people who just make you want to shut your head in the oven but who you can’t not get things for?

There was a particularly big ‘Bugger!’ moment when I realised I had to post some things, which I had entirely deleted from my memory/to do list. These things have now been wrapped and are awaiting dispatch. That is not to say that they will be dispatched on time, but they will, at some stage, be sent, and friends have been alerted that I am crap and they are used to me, so this is good.

My house is full of advent food boxes for my food bank project. These will all go away this week and I can reclaim floor. This is quite a cheering prospect. What’s better is how generous people have been. Some people have already delivered multiple boxes direct to the Food Bank. Some people are still bringing boxes to me. I have an entire room full of groceries already. I’m incredibly amazed at how generous people are.

I am trying to read a wonderful book by Siri Hustvedt, one of my favourite authors, which is all about art and how we see things. It’s fascinating and I am very frustrated that I am still only half way through the first chapter because I keep falling asleep over it. This will be taken on holiday and I vow to finish it, even if I have to drink espresso and prop match sticks in my eyelids.

We took the children to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them today. Apart from the appalling family who let their toddler scream through the first half until the rest of the audience lost all patience with them and complained, it was terrific. I’d love to see it again, without the screaming toddler this time. I want a Niffler.

I took Tallulah to do her Christmas shopping yesterday. She and I had a rare afternoon together alone, and made the most of it. It was wonderful, if rather wet. We were ladies who lunched, and then we were ladies who shopped and she managed to do all her present buying on a very restricted budget, which caused us a bit of a headache, but worked out well in the end. If we hadn’t come home looking like drowned rats it would have been the perfect afternoon.

I took Tilly to the dentist this week as she was slightly concerned that her gums were falling off and her teeth might fall out and then her head might roll off her shoulders onto the floor. This did not happen, and the dentist was rather pleased with her in fact, and so was I, because I did not want a headless daughter for Christmas. She is just rather run down and exhausted, as are we all. It is the time of the year and the weather. Wales will cure all.

We took the leeway the dentist appointment gave us and managed to knock a few of her Christmas purchases on the head too, so she’s a bit less stressed, although no less overworked and exhausted.

Oscar is just Oscar. School is full of lovely times and Christmas plays and dinners and celebrations of every kind. Every day I have to send him in with something or other that he needs, and as long as he remembers those things and his glasses, he is happy as a clam, which is good news.

In between all that I am being kept busy by the fact that Vodafone have managed to fuck up my phone bill/account/life again after doing the very same thing a couple of months ago. They are utterly incompetent and totally useless and keep trying to cut me off and I want to murder everyone in their beds every time I think about them. This is not very in the spirit of things I know, but there you go.

I am also experiencing spectacularly hideous PMT this week. I am taking comfort in the fact that this means I should be over the worst of absolutely everything my middle aged, hormonally deranged body can throw at me by the time we go away, but sometimes it is not very comforting. Sometimes when my hips are trying to unscrew themselves and I have to sit on the floor because why not have cramping before your period as well,  and I feel hungry all the time but want to throw up, and my boobs feel like someone has trapped them in a drawer and sometimes I have to sit on the floor because fainting stuff and Nifflers make me cry and visual migraines creep through me on a daily basis, it is not very comforting at all.

17 responses to “Sticking my flag in a corner of the map

  1. Crying toddlers in the cinema, pahhh! In the last crucial ten minutes of “Arrival”, (really good sci-fi), there were some subtitles to follow. At this point some poor guy 2 rows down had some sort of seizure. Cue, usherettes rushing up and down the stairs to minister to him. With all the bodies and heads bobbing up and down in my line of sight I missed some of the on screen dialogue. Talk about a damper on the atmosphere; I felt irritated and guilty at the same time!? Thankfully, he seemed to recover.

    Very impressed with the rapid response and actions of the cinema staff though.

  2. your right!! Wales does cure all. xx

  3. Oh honey you sue make life sound stressful. And now the school holidays have started…

  4. Brynne and I saw Fantastic Beasts last night and enjoyed it so much. I’m trying to get all presents sorted before she files to Canada on Wednesday. Im trying to cope with Vodafone as well; only in Dutch and mostly I have raised a white flag as I cannot deal.

    I am very much looking forward to the girls and I hanging at home for 5 days with the fire on & doctor who & many books x

  5. Thank you for this episode from your life. Your blogs never fail to be interesting or funny or usually both. Perhaps, being a male who has never suffered PMT, other than to have on occasion my head snapped off just for saying “hello” the wrong way, I should not say this but your last paragraph had me shrieking with laughter.

    Don’t stop blogging. If you do my life will return to its miserable state of normality.

  6. If only hormones could be adjusted with a little dial. Less of that now! I hope your agonies are short lived.

  7. Thanks for reminding me about Fantastic Beasts – although I’ve pre-ordered the DVD, rather than trying to get into a cinema to see it {I much prefer the comfort of home, even if I do have to wait a while!}
    It’s horrible going through the hormonal thing, isn’t it {{{{{hugs}}}}}. I was fortunate to go through it quite early, so am now in the calm straits. It makes such a difference, especially with the no-PMT, or hot flushes 🙂
    Hope you ease up soon, and can enjoy yourself, everything-free, over the holiday period 🙂

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry about your hormonal misery. I hope everything has settled down now.
    I read “What I loved” a while ago by Siri Hustvedt – it was amazing, and somewhat devastating, but I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this author before, and now I want more. What are you reading?
    And get yourself to Wales pronto! It’s time you had a little rest!

    • I was reading her latest book of essays on art and neurology. A woman looking at men, looking at women. To be honest, it was hard work mostly. Her fiction is much, much better. The Blazing World is one of my absolute favourite books of all time. x

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