A week of All the things

Thanks for all your kind comments which I will answer at some point very soon indeed. In the meantime, before I have to go and do stuff I thought I’d write a quick blog to say I atent dead (yet). Much, much better, so all your kind wishes and thoughts really worked. I managed to do everything I needed to, and didn’t have to cancel any crucial plans, which is great, because selfishly, a lot of the things I had to do this week were nice ones, and I really wanted to do them.

On Tuesday I managed to drive to Sheffield at the crack of dawn to see my lovely friend, Kate. We don’t see each other very often at all because we are both stupidly busy, so it was wonderful to be able to meet up for the first time this year. I was so eager I got to her house early. She lives right on the edge of the city by the Derbyshire Peaks, so I took myself off to a beautiful little village that has a gorgeous woodland walk and had a very frosty walk through the woods, watching the sun coming up over the city and annoying a family of wrens who accompanied me for a large part of my trek.

Kate and I mostly nattered and ate. She gave me a copy of her first full length novel, which is out very, very soon. I’m so excited for her. We’ve known each other since she first mooted the idea of writing as something she loved and was passionate about, and she’s worked so hard and come so far. She deserves every success, and with her second novel well underway and a release date of May next year, it looks like it’s coming.

I had to leave Sheffield far too early because I was due to go and see The Human League in the evening with my friends David and Jane. It was something we booked months ago and then suddenly it was time to go and all the waiting was over. I couldn’t really believe I was going to be honest. I am, as you are all aware, not in the first flush of youth and I loved The Human League as a teen. On Tuesday night, standing in the crowd, the first bars of Mirror Man started and I had a really vivid flashback of young me watching them on Top of the Pops and thinking that I would never, ever be the kind of person who would be able to do anything so exotic as seeing a band that famous. Admittedly I had to wait about thirty years to do it, but still. There I was. I left the gig, deaf, aching, tired beyond reason but grinning like a loon.

On Wednesday I took my mum to the hospital to see a consultant for something that we were all somewhat concerned about. It was a pretty stressful day in the lead up to the appointment, so it was absolutely euphoric when we came away , knowing exactly what the problem was and that it could be treated.

In the evening I went over to see my lovely friend Nicki. We had loads to catch up on, and over delicious Pad Thai, we set the world to rights and I left her house with a huge bundle of letters that delighted my heart. This is the fourth year that I have volunteered to be santa at her school. The kids post the letters and I reply. Each one is unique to the child, I don’t believe in form letters, and it’s one of the most joyous jobs I do. The kids letters are an absolute treat. I haven’t had a chance to do more than scan them yet, but I’m looking forward to replying to the child who wants David Walliams for Christmas, and the one that wants a large jar of gherkins (spelled girkins). This is next week’s job. All else pales into insignificance beside it.

Yesterday Jason and I went on a date together. This happens rarely and is always a big deal when it does. I was particularly excited because we were going to London, to the theatre, which are two of my favourite things to do in the world, and to do them with my favourite person, who isn’t keen on London or the theatre, was kind of a big deal.

We had a marvellous day. We made good time, found decent parking and wandered over to Piccadilly to have a delicious lunch at Hawksmoor, which even my picky husband couldn’t find fault with. We had time before the play started to go and have a gawp in Liberty, and one of the ladies on the women’s fashion floor got excited by my vintage AnnaBelinda dress, which made my day. In the afternoon we pushed off to The Garrick to see the play This House. I’d already seen it when it was on at the National a few years ago, but I’d only seen the NTLive version and really wanted to see it in the theatre. It was fantastic, and even Jason enjoyed it. It was a brilliant, relaxed, fun day and we came home tired but happy to find that the children hadn’t killed each other, which was a bonus.

I had two things to do today, both of which have fallen through, so I naughtily spent the morning dozing, and now I need to get on with things so that I can slope off for the weekend with my friend Claire and go and see The Levellers at Brixton Academy tomorrow night. Special thanks go to my friend Lizzie, who was going to go and now can’t, and who has given me her ticket because I managed to lose my own and was very sad about it, and now I’m not.

9 responses to “A week of All the things

  1. What a delightful week; it’s really good to enjoy yourself. I also like HL and Levellers, but haven’t been to a concert in many a year. Last seen were Pink Floyd and John Mayall; cant do loud concerts now as cannot cope with the noise – vertigo issues.; Do you actually have a paid job?? I gained the impression from what you wrote in a recent post you were something in education?? Stay well, resist anger in all it’s forms. contrary to popular belief; it’s never justified and has a rebound effect (ref. spiritual teachings)

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    I finished reading all your archives (a wonderful read) and it is inspiring to learn how you went from sort of snowed under with small children to making a big difference in your world. (But we loved the Oscar stories and when I mention something from your blog to my husband he recognizes you as “Oscar’s mum.”)

  3. If being envious wasn’t a naughty thing to be, I’d be a little bit envious of your volunteer santa role. London is also my happy place so I live vicariously through your visits! Canada is a long way away. So glad things are okay with your Mum!! Finally thank you for your blog!! I’ve never read one that didn’t move me in some way!

  4. Aaaagh I had a Levs ticket for last week in Manchester, but couldn’t go because beloved friend came down from Glasgow. I’m not bitter, she’s totally worth it, though she’s too bloody young to know how much I love her to give that up! Enjoy! Oh and they played Men an Tol….double aaaagh!!!! I have told her about you and hope she gets in touch because she has a very worthy cause she doesn’t know how to fight. Maybe you could give her a pointer or two? I know, like you’re not busy enough! Have a brilliant date 😀 xxx

  5. I’m glad you are better! Sounds like a fab week. x

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