Seventy Biscuits and Sandy

Let’s have a little bit of cheer.

Firstly, can I say how grateful I am to all of you that read this stuff, that share this stuff, that take the time to think about what I’m saying even if you don’t agree with it, and you absolutely don’t have to agree with it. I’m just really pleased you talk to me.

Can I say a really enormous thank you to those of you who comment and tell me your stories. It is one of the best parts of my day when there is a comment waiting, where you have taken the time and energy to check in, to tell me what’s going on for you, to trust me with your own thoughts and feelings. It’s pretty brilliant. It’s a tiny part of the world where I feel we genuinely speak to each other about real things and real feelings without all the crap, and it’s truly good.

It happens here, it happens on Facebook, it happens on Twitter, and in the groups I run and participate in, and it makes me feel connected to my tribe. In a world where it feels like we’re coming apart at the molecules it gives me real faith that there are those of us still making rather than breaking, still creating, still dreaming, still getting up and doing what needs to be done.

And on the days when I’m tired, and grumpy and it all seems a bit overwhelming, your comments and the knowledge that you’re reading even if you aren’t commenting, makes everything that bit easier. So thank you.

I have spent all day talking about, and being in meetings about the NHS and STP and other things medical and social care oriented, and it was a bit gloomy to be honest, but several things other than your amazingness have also cheered me up.

Firstly I got a box of seventy chocolate biscuits to review, so life is not all bad. Some of it is borderline diabetic too. But in a good way.

Secondly we won the pub quiz this evening on points if not on prizes. You win on points but then you have to go into a terrible lottery where you win either the cash prize, the bonus or the booby prize. Sadly, it was me who picked the booby prize, but on the other hand we got more chocolate and we absolutely aced the quiz questions. Also I got to spend the evening with my friends who make me laugh and make me happy and don’t want me to fix the NHS (well at least not on quiz night), so that was fabulous.

Thirdly I watched this. I watched it yesterday. I watched it again today. Regular readers will know that I joined the Women’s Equality Party when it was founded. I was really impressed by everything it stood for, everything it had to say and the way it was going about building a brand new political party. You know that every time I get morose about the state of equality or the lack thereof, I bung them a donation. It makes me feel better, and I try to live what they espouse, because like WEP I am a great believer in practical politics, in equality for all (including men – and anyone else who doesn’t feel included), and in getting the job done by working together for a common cause. I am sickened by traditional politics and the nonsense it offers us. I believe there is a better way to do things and I genuinely believe if WEP can get its numbers up sufficiently, they could herald that new way.

I heard Sandi Toksvig speak at Mumsnet Blogfest last year. She was only on stage for a few minutes, but she was fantastic. When I heard she had been invited to do a TED talk I knew I had to watch it, and yesterday I found it had been released.

If you want fifteen minutes of your day when you feel good, hopeful, positive and that our future will not end in a burning post apocalyptic Mad Max style Thunderdome, please watch. Even if you aren’t inspired to join, you’ll thank me. It’s my gift to you for what you give to me.

18 responses to “Seventy Biscuits and Sandy

  1. Thanks Katy for your Blog; this is the first time I’ve responded, but I had to agree about the TED talk with Sandy! I too watched it yesterday, and I also heard Sophie Walker (CEO of WE) speak at the Kendal Branch last week. Sophie is obviously a first cousin of Sandy; her delivery was fast, furious and funny. Thanx again.

  2. You are most welcome! I have found your blog to be the best antidote to the madness, both in terms of the content and the opportunity it has given me to express how I am feeling and I can’t thank you enough.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Sandy, the only thing that could have made it any better would have been sampling some of the seventy biscuits while viewing 🙂
    Interesting that she mentioned the Wonder Woman thing, if that isn’t a good enough reason to join the WEP I don’t know what is…. Xx

  3. Great post and loved that TED Talk! 🙂

  4. I watched the TED talk, thank you for including in your blog. So inspirational! I’ll definitely be checking out the WEP. Thanks also for your awesome blog, I love seeing it in my inbox, I love reading it, and I love being able to identify with so many of your thoughts and many of the days you have. You bring cheer and hope to a world gone crazy! x

  5. Sandi’s TED t.ak is BRILLIANT!!!!! Thank you so much for the link. I don’t follow celebs, I’m allergic to hype, but I’ve loved this woman since I read in her column she had returned to wearing big nickers because they are so comfortable. And I had just done the same thing. So I didn’t know she was gay, had got wed to her partner, and in a big way!!! AND she doesn’t believe in secretsWoo Hoo!! Neither do I. They engender fear. Fear is opposite to love. No other reason required. What a lucid, brave and entertaining woman. Very much like yourself 😀Are you a member of this political party? You are definitely doing Deeds, and some Words. Love the blog.
    Denny xxx

  6. we watched – we loved it and we agree with her and if our beloved Jeremy Corbyn, or rather his party, doesn’t get their act together and do something then I will join – I may join anyway but risk getting kicked out of labour for doing that lol

  7. Aw that’s sweet (that’s not sarcasm btw). Honestly, if I could be half as prolific as you I’d be a happy bunny. I’ve even joined a local writers group to try and kick start my creativity but no joy. I feel like a fraud….like, they’re all writers what the fffff! Am I doing here.

    Seriously, you are very readable. Just the right amount in each post too. I kinda look forward to them dropping into my inbox. 😊

  8. Yes! I joined WEP last year too. I went to a few of their events and always came away feeling so positive and optimistic – their energy is just so infectious!

  9. jenny Bertenshaw

    Katy you are a total inspiration to all women of all ages. i fall into the autumn age group.My work as a mother/wife ,trailing spouse, in two different EU countries ,and now as a retiree in a third. (Portugal) is mostly behind me. Yet i don’t feel it should absolve me from keeping on trying and helping to make the world a better place ,even in the tiniest word or deed. To collect money and equipment for the wonderful ‘Good Men’ for instance .The ordinary Portuguese citizen’s (men and women) who go out voluntarily to fight the horrendous fires that plague the country during the long hot summers. The Ex-pat’s here t n the Algarve work tirelessly to raise money to help them, as the Government does not fund this work, or give out compensation to those who die ,as sadly one young mother did this year,leaving behind her 7 yrs old daughter. This is just a small example to say there are still good people out there.working hard to help the less fortunate .People who believe we cannot leave it to the Politicians any more. They have let us down far too often.It is up to us now.. Keep up the fight… Jenny Bxx

    • Thank you Jenny. Everyone who works to make the world a bit better is a inspiration to me. So easy to sit behind a screen and moan all the time, but much harder to keep making a difference. So pleased that you’re doing your thing too. All of us together are a force to be reckoned with. x

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