YOU are the difference

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Will and Pixie’s crowd funding page for their wedding. They asked for £1k and 24 hours later thanks to the generosity of you and people like you, they hit just over £2k, which is amazing.

As well as money, they have had offers of flowers, cake, hair, make up, nails, a car and a photographer.

Without you, this would not have been possible, and it is absolute proof that every small thing that we do for the good can add up to make a massive, positive change for the better.

The petition to save the Glenfield Children’s Heart Unit is still creeping towards its goal. Again, thanks to you and people like you, we now only need 20k signatures to reach our target by 22nd January. We have worked so hard, both on and off line for every single name on that list, but it’s all worth it, and we will get there. It’s too important not to. If this unit goes, we lose one of only two ECMO units in the country and the only dedicated children’s heart unit on the eastern side of the country will be in Newcastle. We cannot afford to fail at this.

My amazing daughter stood with me for five hours at a wedding fair on Sunday where we collected four hundred signatures. Her best friend took a clipboard into college today and collected about 150 more because he was inspired to help. He was a star. Others will be too. Many of you already are.

My reverse advent boxes scheme is picking up steam. I was interviewed today by our local newspaper. The number of people joining us is steadily growing and not just locally. A friend in Sheffield is going to make the idea a reality, and so it goes. It spreads, little by little. Today a friend of my husband’s messaged him to say that him talking to her about what we were doing encouraged her to talk to a homeless man on her journey home. She asked him if he wanted a bag of groceries. He said all he needed was a cup of coffee, and she was glad to oblige.

My friend’s save the library campaign is beginning to take shape. She’s collecting information, building connections, talking to local people and raising awareness. She’s trying to save Bartley Green library just outside of Birmingham. If anyone can help, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her. When her campaign really gets going I will blog about it again.

In between all this sickening do gooding I have managed to fit in a hair cut by my most excellent friend Jenn, who has also dyed it candy floss pink with flashes of magenta for me. I will not go gently into that good night. I learned that Norwegian people think that lemmings are so angry they explode with rage (I think my spirit animal is a lemming). I watched a film of a stoat bouncing on a trampoline that kept me happy for a good half an hour, and I have managed to start reading the new Ben Aaronovitch novel. Oh, and I’ve eaten a lot of chips.

So it’s not all martyrdom and hair shirts, even when you are the difference.



10 responses to “YOU are the difference

  1. My Guides are planning to do the reverse advent calendar idea, so it’s spreading!
    I forgot about the new Aaronovitch novel. Will have to wait until I’m feeling better though, currently the brain weasels are rather active so I’m on a diet of school stories and Gerald Durrell – the literary equivalent of tea and toast 🙂

  2. You are currently kerping me at a functioning level of sanity in a world of madness!
    Thank you.

  3. Thanks Katy – buried up to my gills as I have been here in Ireland, I hadn’t heard this TED, or of Sandy T’s new party. Brilliant. Marvellous. Yes, let’s all join!

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