Will and Pixie

Today’s post is about my friend, Will.

He’s a good man. You’d like him. He’s an emergency medical technician and ambulance driver. Well, he would be if he could work. He would be working if he hadn’t just been diagnosed with testicular cancer after a year of pain and inconclusive tests.

He’s coped admirably with endless trips to hospital, emergency admissions and the relentless, exhausting panic of knowing there is something properly wrong, but not knowing what it is.

Now he finally has a diagnosis it is a relief, because it means he can get treatment. The prognosis is good, but the surgery and chemo will be gruelling. He knows this better than most. Sometimes it’s a curse being a medic.

Will has a wonderful partner, Pixie, who has stood by him through all of this. When they got the diagnosis they were forced to have those kind of discussions couples would really rather not have.

One of the things they decided was that they would like to get married, and soon. They are planning a small wedding between the surgery and chemo. As it’s been rather sprung on them, and things are tight financially, they are asking for help with the wedding.

You can tell the sort of people they are when I tell you that they opened a crowd funding page last night, and this morning they are at 94% of their target. There is a lot of love for Will and Pixie.

I’d really like to help them reach their target. If you’ve got a little to spare and you’re wondering what to do to help someone today. Help them. If you don’t have any to spare, could you share this post? It would literally mean the world.


Thank you. x

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