There aren’t enough Fucks in For Fuck’s Sake

I just can’t even begin to deal with the political shambles of the last week in the UK. I’m trying desperately hard not to even think about America. I may take to drink soon. It seems like the best way to deal with things.

I’m feeling utterly frustrated. I’ve spent the weekend glued to the internet watching things unfold and occasionally rushing in to type furiously some rebuttal or piece of information that is utterly pointless, given that the people I have been communicating with show a singular lack of what I call ‘joined up thinking’. I know I should be spending my time doing other things, better things, and most of the time I do, but at the moment, I just can’t. It’s like watching a car crash over and over again. I feel trapped by it.

Here’s some edited highlights of my weekend’s typing for humanity.

Gina Miller is NOT an immigrant. She holds a UK passport because she was born in Guyana under British rule.

Gina Miller crowdfunded her legal case. She did not bring it so she and her rich, elitist mates could lord it over you paupers.

If you don’t agree with the result of what she said, how about crowdfunding your own legal challenge, just like she did? I have asked many leavers this question over the weekend, people who talk of acts of treason by parliament and being betrayed. Not one of them has explained if why all this is as simple as they claim, all those millionaires like Daniel Hannan, who are so desperate for Brexit, haven’t crowd funded a case against parliament over the question of Europe.

Gina Miller did not try to derail Brexit. Her case has marginal impact on Brexit or Article Fifty and everything to do with forcing Theresa May to actually adhere to the rules of parliamentary democracy that gave her her position in the first place.

The EU leanings, or indeed gayness of the judges deciding the court case have zero to do with their findings. Particularly given that it was not a case about either the EU or homosexuality.

Gina Miller is not trying to make a mockery of Sovereign Law. She is trying to uphold sovereign law by following the democratic process that stops people in power making unilateral decisions for the good of the country without actually asking the country what they want in more depth than a binary yes/no non-binding referendum type way. That’s called a dictatorship in other countries, by the way. The last time we had someone in charge who tried to do that, the British people chopped their head off. We don’t take kindly to dictators and yet not one person has explained to me why it’s ok for May to behave like this, and how exactly she’s going to enact the ‘Will of the people’ without actually referring to the people.

Legislation which sits on the UK statute books is UK legislation, even if the idea for it came from the EU. Once it is accepted by the British parliament it becomes UK law and subject to UK sovereign law, any existing legislation must be undone by the correct channels, which involve going through parliamentary process. It is there so that whatever legislation is finally passed is legally robust and doesn’t get bogged down in years of court cases, which would hold things up even longer.

Nobody has yet explained to me when they state that it is ‘easy’ to Brexit, exactly what is ‘easy’ about it.

I have yet to get clarity over how one person thinks that they speak for 17 million other leavers, let alone the fact that they claim to speak for the country as a whole and yet government is supposed to take us out of Europe just like that, because it’s ‘easy’.

Parliament represents the people. When you vote for an MP you enter into a contract with them that they will represent your interests in the House of Commons as long as your interests do not harm the country. The welfare of the country as a whole trumps any individual interest and an MP is sworn to protect that welfare.

If you don’t like what is happening to your country, put down your flaming torch and your pitchfork and engage in parliamentary process. When I said this to someone today they actually said ‘Why should I?’


53 responses to “There aren’t enough Fucks in For Fuck’s Sake

  1. Really well said.
    The way those senior judges was traduced by the gutter press was appalling, and the response of the government was pusillanimous in the extreme. The judges cannot defend themselves, unlike the unelected, non-dom, billionaire press barons, and their editor lackies.
    The crappy education system in this country is partly to blame, when much of the population fails to understand even the rudiments of the separation of powers, and how important that is to defend the rule of law. Without law, there is anarchy.

  2. Brilliant Katy just brilliant. I am so tired of the phrase “will of the people”. How can the will of 37% of the electorate be the “will of the people”? Why are May and the media treating this like an election and not a referendum? And now we have agreement from the “grate” man himself, an advisory referendum at that. Democracy is fluid and ever changing. People have died since the referendum day, people have come of voting age, people have changed their minds. “Will of the people” bah humbug

  3. I’m glad you’re fighting the fight; I don’t have it in me to deal with the ignorant masses. Carry on, we depend on you! (I’ll send you a bottle of gin if it all gets too much for you. ) x

  4. I’m as baffled – and bemused, infuriated, depressed and despairing – as you and for much the same reasons. They wanted sovereignty. The court ruling ensure they have it. Oddly enough it now seems they don’t want it. And the utterly frustrating thing about it is that you can’t make them see it. I think I’m going to look for another planet to live on at this rate. It may be the only sane option left.

  5. You are not alone, that has been my weekend too.

  6. Oh I so agree. Most of my conversations at the moment start with ‘and another thing’ because there is just so much that annoys me, and it’s all important. For example: over half the population didn’t vote for Brexit, over half the people who voted did. Not the same thing, peeps.
    I am resisting the temptation to get out my pitchfork and flaming torch and march on someone. Not that bothered who, there are so many candidates at the moment.
    Keep it up, KB.

  7. I concur with every sentiment, Katy! I too, have spent far too much time on FB over the weekend, though more in an echo chamber (RIFT — Remain In France Together). If you haven’t already listened to R4’s The World This Weekend on Sunday, I can recommend the first 22 minutes — interview with Lord Bilimoria, British Indian on TM’s trip to India, followed by Ken Clarke.

    I have complained to IPSO about the inaccuracy of the Express’s headline saying that the high court has “blocked Brexit”, and about Twitter hate speech directed at Gina Miller. And am about to complain to the BBC for continuing to give Farage/Ukip the free oxygen of publicity.

    Until we get the media to change its tune, I don’t think we will be able to sway individuals’ boneheaded dogma by logical argument. It seems clear that austerity lies at the bottom of so many anti-government (pro-Brexit) referendum votes. I don’t blame them for being angry! Maybe if we could get them to reveal their personal circumstances, we might be able to convince them that it is austerity that they are really angry about…

    If only someone who cannot be seen as middle class/liberal elite would stand up as a Bregretter and bring a few million of them with him/her!

    Courage, mon brave.

  8. Well done Katy! You have vented my anger for me yet again! It is no exaggeration to say we are living in something resembling a dictatorship just now. Despite the internet and social media etc., we seem to be going backwards in terms of democracy. These 17 million people we keep hearing about defined as “the people” ignores the nearly 16 million who voted to stay in the EU. Every time May says they”people” have spoken and want Brexit, I scream at the radio or TV “Not me you …..(depending on how angry I feel, the adjective varies but usually begins with a “F”!

  9. THIS, most definitely this! Katy (to quote Hugh Grant quoting David Cassidy) I think I love you 😀
    Just when you think you can not get any more frustrated with these fuckwits, they find a whole new way to demonstrate that they are incapable of rational thought, let alone argument.
    I know these are emotive issues, which is all the more reason why May and Truss should be drummed out of office for their lack of support for the rule of law and our judiciary. Their reluctance to condemn the gutter press (I include the Torygraph as it seems to be a rabble rousing wolf in a middle class sheep’s clothing, God help us if the blue rinse brigade go on the rampage), and other prominent critics of this decision, stems from political expediency and demonstrates again – for anyone still in any doubt – that they are megalomaniacal bullies without scruples or principles.

    I am sick and tired of seeing ill informed comments referencing the ‘decisive’ vote for leaving the EU, that is supposedly justifying this descent into thuggish insanity. It was a very small majority, particularly if you take into account the 30% who couldn’t or didn’t vote, and the terms of our leaving were never made clear. Nor was it a mandate for totally ignoring the concerns of the people who voted to remain, or the forgotten 48% as I now call us.
    It is this lack of clarity that is fuelling the arguments, they remind me of the moment in The Life of Brian where he loses his shoe fleeing from his followers and they all begin to debate the significance of this ‘sign’. It would seem brexit means many things to many people – all the more reason for there to be transparency about, and scrutiny of, what is laughingly referred to as our ‘negotiating position’.

    As for the misuse of the term ‘democracy’, I can only conclude these people neither know nor care what it actually means. They are using the concept ‘like a drunk uses a lamp post, for support rather than illumination’.

  10. Well said Katie. The leavers bayed for democracy and sovereignty and when it slaps them round the face, they haven’ t got a clue what hit them. Wilfully ignorant or just plain stupid?

    • Well, judging by most of the people I’ve spoken to it starts out as plain stupid and then, not wanting to admit fault, turns quickly into wilful ignorance. Sadly, God forbid that anyone should learn anything or think.

  11. Hit the nail on the head – I enjoy your writing.

  12. You express my own despair very well! It seems Brexit has brought out the absolute worst in the people of this country – Katie Hopkins talking her uninformed, toxic crap on LBC has finally tipped the scales for me. Instead of the bottle however, I am going to stay in a remote croft somewhere a long way from any broadband or mobile phone signal – possibly in Canada and possibly forever, or at least until Brexit is over and only then if there is anything worth coming back for. I will read and write lots and lots of books and stomp around the landscape. And cuddle my lovely husband and children. You are welcome to visit.

  13. Thank you Katy. You have saved me the job of thinking out clearly my own thoughts on these matters and shall just use yours instead, if that is OK with you. Keep on blogging, it saves me time!

  14. I’ve been so horrified by the way people have treated those three judges – who were, as you point out, just interpreting the law, which is their job. And today Theresa May refuses to defend them. I am scared for Britain at the moment.

  15. So I take it you want Britain to stay in the EU then, right? And THAT is the reason you have wound yourself up. You KNOW why Gina Miller brought went to court. You simply must do, even if you wish to ignore it and pretend like her that she wants ‘Parliamentary democracy’. Gimme a break! For the record, she who ‘cried when the decision to leave was taken’ seeks to at best to delay our exit or water it down, and at worst delay it until the pressure builds up for another referendum. That’s her right, and few really give a crap for where she was born! That’s rhetoric, like Gina Miller, and YOU, are using. Your manufactured frustration fails to mask your reluctance to ACCEPT THE PEOPLES DECISION to exit the EU.
    All of a sudden we have a plethora of people acutely concerned with the right of Parliament, and I scratch my head and wonder why they are all Remainers. Remainers who never so much as squeaked when previous referendums, and election, have provided results.
    You have every right to say or write what you want of course. This is merely my reply.

    • You know Tony. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here, given that you were polite, despite the excessive use of caps. Yes, I voted to remain. No I am not stupid. No I do not think the EU is perfect but I am, as a long term political campaigner and not someone who didn’t just wake up to politics because of the referendum, reasonably well educated about both parliamentary procedure AND what is happening to our country and how much blame or otherwise can be laid at the door of the EU, and unlike very, very many people on both sides, I did my research and not by reading newspapers before you decide you know how I think, again. Firstly, let me disillusion you, it is not ‘the people’s decision’. It is seventeen million people’s separate decision, and you know as well as I do it was a binary, yes/no advisory vote on something that has to be legislated for in order to be made legal. And you are another one of those people who I’ve spoken to over the weekend who not only presume to know exactly who I am and how I think and behave, but you’ve also taken upon yourself the difficult job of speaking for the other seventeen million people who also voted out with you. It’s amazing that you know exactly what they wanted for Brexit and presume that it is exactly the same was what you, yourself want. Ego, much? There are sixty three million people in this country and the disparate will of seventeen million of them is frankly not good enough for me if there is no plan. And what concerns me deeply Tony is that there is no plan. Furthermore, I very much worry about Theresa May’s use of the royal prerogative when it is not legal to do so, because not only am I reasonably keen on parliament and its procedures but I’m also pretty good at history too, and I have absolutely no intention of slacking off and paving the way fora future dictatorship thanks. Brexit or no Brexit, nobody in this country, including Brexiteers, signed up for dictatorship over democracy and anyone who did is, frankly a fuckwit. So, get a plan, put it through parliament and then by all means fuck the country up, but do it democratically or don’t do it at all.

    • Guess what Tony, neither you, I or Katy know why Gina Miller brought the case to court because we have never asked her. We do know what she has told the press about her reasons and she has clearly stated that it was NOT (see I can do shouty capitals too) an attempt to prevent article 50 from being invoked but ensuring that the correct procedure was followed, thereby ensuring that the action would be valid. I see no reason to doubt her and, as someone who obviously is keen to see us leave the EU, you should be glad that, after a definitive ruling, the process will not be derailed at a later date because it is proved that the government acted unlawfully.
      Something that seems to be overlooked (presumably because it is inconvenient to the narrative) is the fact that one of the other claimants actually voted to leave.
      I find it interesting that so many leave supporters automatically assume that if brexit is subjected to any kind of scrutiny it will fail. It’s almost as though they have no faith in this project and have fallen back on shouting about the democratic will of the people to disguise this fact. I can see no evidence to suggest that parliament will not vote to trigger article 50, a majority of MPs have committed to doing so, so what exactly is the problem?

  16. Love this. Am glad you are still engaging with everything instead of turning to drink and gardening and other pointless activities which is all I can do to maintain sanity. My news amnesty is still going strong in efforts to not completely lose it… good work on a great blog xx

  17. Katy,thank you once again for putting into words exactly how I am feeling. I have had this argument so many times over the weekend, trying to get it into people’s heads that this is NOT an attempt to derail democracy but to enable it! I am greatly saddened by much that has happened since the referendum and am really feeling that this is not my country any more, or at least not the country I thought I lived in. I have already been told to “pack up and move to Europe if you like it so much”. Unfortunately for that person I’m too bloody stubborn to do that without at least trying to make people see what is going on. But it’s getting harder every day to keep any kind of optimism. You are a bright light in the darkness which tells me I am not alone, and bless you for that.

  18. Oh good for you, Katy! I had to point the same thing out to someone over the weekend – that the ruling was upholding Parliament’s sovereignty. Like you, I also told them that the last person who tried to make sovereign decisions without the rule of law via Parliament had his head chopped off. I cannot belileve how ignorant people are of how their own government process is supposed to work. Or, for that matter, how defensive Brexiters are. As you so rightly point out, this isn’t about Brexit, it’s about Theresa May-be-a-Total-Disaster taking it upon herself to make decisions that should be made by Parliament, ie your elected representative, just as much as all the Brexiters’ elected representatives.
    And by the way, very well done Gina Miller too. And yes, who cares if the judges were wearning women’s underwear beneath their robes. What the fuck has that to do with their knowledge of the law – which is, at the end of the day, what protects all of us.

  19. And also, by the way, very well said Gerry Rust above.

  20. I think I’m going to be turning to drink and gardening. I am so stunned. I cannot believe this is happening.

  21. Brilliantly well said Katy, and yet again you have articulated so well what is raging in my head (so far the only thing I have disagreed with you on is Halloween – to me a pointless crapfest imported from Trumpland). As a UK citizen by birth I am so glad to be in my adopted country of Canada with the lovely Justin, who actually gives a crap about gender equity and the environment. Watching the results from South of the border, coming so soon after the utter shambles that has emerged post EU referendum, I despair of humanity, I really do. Thank you for at least keeping me (relatively) sane with your blog, or if not sane then manically laughing!

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