Weekend Miscellany

I shall attempt more cheeriness, given that it is a weekend and I feel like an effort should be made on high days and holidays.

I spent my morning on a march to try and save the Glenfield Children’s Heart Unit yesterday. It was rather uplifting. There were about a thousand people there, everyone from consultants to patients to campaigners all coming together. I didn’t make a placard, but I did wear a lot of red. I decided to be a human placard. At least I couldn’t run in the rain and I didn’t put myself down and forget where I’d left myself. I was quite pleased with myself, and lots of people were impressed with my scarlet Docs covered in hearts. It seemed appropriate to wear them.

The signatures tick up day by day, which is what it’s all about at the moment. 36.5k so far which is not bad going.

I went to see I, Daniel Blake today with my friend Vijay. It was devastating. I know I said I would keep it cheerful, so let’s skip over the worst of it and focus on the fact that it is a brilliant, clever film. It should be compulsory viewing in my opinion. And even though I cried buckets it has also motivated me to start donating to food banks again. So that’s a good thing. Like everything else I do, it’s not going to change the world, but it is going to work towards making it a little bit less shit for someone, somewhere and that’s alright.

All my children were out last night. All of them. At the same time. In the old days, on the rare occasions this happened, Jason and I would be so knackered we would take the opportunity to fall asleep. Now, because our children are actually old enough to sleep, allowing us to also sleep, we sometimes stay awake and do things on our rare nights off. Last night we went to a new Persian restaurant which has opened locally (Do on Welford Road). It was delicious, and we were home in time to binge watch Season three of Borgen. I know it’s not dancing on podiums till 4 in the morning blowing whistles and chewing our faces off, but it’s lovely all the same.

I finished the second edit of my book. I am pretty happy with it. It’s going out to my second lot of lovely volunteer readers in the next few days and when they’ve had a chance to read it, it will finally be time to throw it to people who might actually think about publishing it.

I read Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby. It’s hilarious. I saw Katie briefly at Mumsnet Blogfest last year when she won an award for being brilliant. I read her blog when I got home and had to agree that she totally deserved it. The book is, like the blog, funny, irreverent and delightfully unsentimental about parenting.

I read The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie. Lots of people I rate have read this book and absolutely loved it. I really struggled with it. I found the tone strange and uneven. It wasn’t very cohesive as a book. I felt like there were several books there, all fighting for dominance, and I found it neither funny, nor whimsical, which I think I was supposed to do. There were flashes where it was brilliant, but it wasn’t sustained. The squirrel really annoyed me too, which I think is heresy. Sorry.

I’m reading The Outrun by Amy Liptrot and loving it. It’s pretty perfect. I wish I’d written it. I’m glad I’m not having to.

I got another hole punched in my ear this weekend. I’ve now got four regular ear piercings and one daith piercing in each ear. I’m very happy with them. It’s what I would have done as a teenager if I’d been a) brave and b) rich enough. For another local recommendation, I get all my piercings at Kazbah. The staff are fantastic. Julie, who runs it is lovely and Pete is the best piercer in the world, very calm and extremely professional. If you’re going to get punctured, do it here. They also do tattoos. I’m working up to it.

We’re road testing a Furby at the moment as part of my Amazon Vine review membership. I failed miserably on Friday when it arrived, having to rip the box to shreds to get it out, and then not being able to open the child proof battery compartment and having to wait until Jason came home.

I was quite nervous, having once accidentally killed a Furby when Tilly was small. It took days to die and I ended up bundling it in a blanket and hiding it under the stairs for a week while it groaned its way to a sorry end.

These are a completely different kettle of fur. This one is highly interactive and extremely noisy. It links to an app on phone or iPad and does all kinds of troubling things. You can, for example, pull its tail so that it farts. You can also feed it so much it needs to pooh. In order to evacuate its Furby bowels, you hold it over the app whereupon a toilet appears. Your Furby makes straining noises and then random items plop down into the toilet bowl, including up to now, a steam liner and a snow man. It’s all very troubling.

It does occasionally make me laugh, and it is also possible to make it go to sleep. These two things have ensured that it has not already been drop kicked over the garden fence.

A successful weekend all round.

2 responses to “Weekend Miscellany

  1. as usual you make me smile with recognition at much of what you say – and I too cried buckets at I Daniel Blake, and agree it should be compulsory viewing – but you have also inspired me to start my own blog about other things – I cannot compete with you as you do it so well but it is years since I got published and I had more or les given up thinking about writing for public consumption but I can write about other things that I know about instead – so thanks Katy I have now started my own blog xxxx

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