Sunday Sorting

I’m still here. It’s been a relentlessly grim week on many levels, which is about as fun as it sounds. I’ve been paralysed, blog wise for the last few days. I find I need to be angry enough to write, but not so angry that I feel overwhelmed. Also, I need to not be terribly sad, and I have been. When I’m feeling like that, the blog becomes a bit of a morass, rather than the life raft it usually is.

I’m still going through it, but things are on the up, so I’ve come out of hiding to blog about a few things that have been positive, because for the love of God, I could do with some positivity right now.

Firstly, I had a magnificent charity shop haul this week. A brand new ball gown for my collection for the princely sum of £12, a Jaeger suede jacket which screams Eighties vintage and has puffball sleeves, puffball sleeves for goodness sake, for a tenner, and a Jaeger linen shirt for £4. Colour me happy.

I read God is an Astronaut by Alyson Foster and enjoyed it. I’m now reading Thatcher Stole my Trousers by Alexei Sayle, and it’s making me laugh, a lot. This is pretty amazing, given the week I’ve had. My Amazon review stuff is also playing a strong game this week. I’ve just taken delivery of Grayson Perry’s new book ‘The Descent of Man’, and am waiting for the arrival of a book about mudlarking on the Thames.

I’ve been cooking using Diana Henry’s Bird in the Hand and her new book, Simple. Let me tell you that the Mumbai toasties are to die for, and the chicken and prawn xim xim is heavenly. The bacon and egg risotto is also pretty good, although next time I make it, I’m going to tweak it so that it’s more like a carbonara, but with rice.

Jason and I shut the doors on the world yesterday afternoon and started watching season two of Peaky Blinders. We’re three episodes in and I’m loving it as much as season one. Thank God Helen McCrory’s Brum accent has improved though. Last season it travelled more than I do.

I’m making progress with my edit the shit out of the book you’ve just finished writing project. It’s slow going, and sometimes very dispiriting, especially as I’d really like to be starting on the next project, but needs must when you over write things as much as I do.

It’s now officially half term. It means the alarm clock goes off for the next week.

I took my friend Alex to the Doc shop today, and even though I didn’t buy any, It was good fun, and we had an amazing lunch to celebrate his birthday on the way home.

Tomorrow, Oscar will be ten. Can you imagine? Can you even begin? I know I can’t. He’s the baby, you know?

6 responses to “Sunday Sorting

  1. despite having a shitty week, you still send your happy stuff out there. Thank you! You’re an inspiration xx

  2. Hi Katy, sorry to hear your week has been so shit. I hope things improve, although if it is the parlous state of the world that has been getting you down, I’m not holding my breath. The news has been enough to make a saint swear lately, so my language has been totally unprintable.
    More charity shopping may be required, that is an impressive haul you got yourself there!
    I recently discovered a Scope where everything is a pound (which is about 80p now right?) and thought it would be great for picking up work clothes ie things to wear to the workshop. I came out with two bulging bags, 70% of which was no way going to end up covered in paint, glue and wax. They included items from Coast, Per Una, Jigsaw and Monsoon, I have no idea why they were relegated to the discount charity shop, maybe I just have strange taste, but at that price who cares?
    Only problem is where to put it all, as I already have more clothes than the costume department of Covent Garden Opera and my boot/shoe collection would make Imelda Marcos proud.
    Hope Oscar has an utterly brilliant birthday and whatever you do don’t refer to him as your baby 😉

    • I love those shops. There’s one in town near the railway station. I try not to visit too often as my wardrobe is slightly out of control, but it is so much fun when I do!

  3. Just wanted to send you a big hug. It’a horrid when life gets so grim. I’m sure you’re doing a great job.

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