The Company I Keep

Well, that week went quickly didn’t it? I was going to do a lot more blogging after Bake Off, and then I didn’t because the days escaped from me like a deflating balloon whizzing around the ceiling.

Here are a list of things that happened. in no particular order and mainly so that when I am old and senile and think my children have locked me in a broom cupboard and poked me with sticks, they can refer to this to show me that it wasn’t all true.

I hung out with a lot of my friends. This is one of my best things. I may have mentioned this before, but I have excellent friends and having adventures with them, large and small, is one of the great joys of my life.

I also particularly like the fact that by adventures we are often talking about eating cake and drinking coffee, and that still seems pretty exciting.

I escorted my lovely friend Kim on her birthday outing. We went to Market Harborough. It’s a bit posh. We didn’t let that put us off one bit. We had amazing cannoli and coffee at a brilliant Italian Deli. We ransacked the generously filled charity shops and came home with lots of treasure. We ate beautiful food at a pub called The Three Swans. We laughed. The sun shone. It was terrific fun. I bought an Alice Temperley dress for £12. An Alice Temperley dress has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now it’s not, and that made me happy.

I went to see the NT Live of the Terence Rattigan play, The Deep Blue Sea, at our local arts cinema with my oldest friend, Andrea. We love Rattigan, and he didn’t disappoint. Neither did Helen McCrory who was superb in the lead role.

My mum came over and my friend Jenn came to cut her hair, and then we all went on a trip to our local Indian supermarket and filled a trolley with delicious food for about £35. We got as excited by huge bunches of fresh coriander and seventy different types of chilli as we did about my Alice Temperley dress.

Andrea and I took a road trip to London for the day and went to see the play Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour at The National Theatre. I was very excited about this because it’s based on the book The Sopranos by Alan Warner, which is most excellent. The play absolutely nailed the spirit of the book and it was raucous and brilliant and funny, and filthy and sad and just mesmerising theatre.

I had enough points on my Foyalty card to buy myself the new Ottoline book by Chris Riddell and this was an extra special treat because it was totally a surprise and brilliant.

We had a party on Friday night. There was no reason for it, we just kind of turned a family dinner into a party when our friends Alex and his boyfriend Conor and Tilly’s best friend and my adopted teenage son, Jacob came, and we talked and laughed and shouted and ate and it was perfectly perfect as things tend to be when you’re surrounded by your best beloveds.

Today we met up with some more of our best beloveds, Nicki and Rob and their children. We went to play an Escape room adventure where we had to be jewel thieves trying to steal a diamond from a bank vault and it was all very Crystal Maze and we didn’t quite do it. We needed about another thirty seconds, but it was loads of fun. It was such fun in fact that we didn’t really want it to finish, so we went to Wagamamas for lunch, and then they came to our house and the grown ups played Cards Against Humanity and laughed ourselves sick and the children surged around en masse like a flock of starlings, eating doughnuts and playing games, and laughing as much as we were.

And even though the week has had its darker moments, and there has been sadness, and today after everyone went home, reality reasserted itself and cleaning and laundry and baking and things had to happen,  I have been reminded so vividly that really, I am very, very blessed and mostly it is all about the company I keep.

8 responses to “The Company I Keep

  1. Loved the Deep Blue Sea as well…

  2. I live in Market Harborough now, I expect I have lowered the tone a bit…

  3. What a wonderful week you had 🙂
    Yes, you’re so right – there’s nothing more wonderful than spending time with loved ones, and treating even the commonplace things as the adventures they are 🙂
    You truly are blessed, aren’t you? 🙂

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