Take The Stage

The children have gone back to school today. I have some writing to do, something that has needed finishing since the holidays started. My plan was, once I’d waved them off, to be full of inspiration and vigour, and sit virtuously at my desk, finishing the work.

Instead I have sat in the sun, finishing the delightful: ‘Our Spoons Came From Woolworths’ by Barbara Comyns. I have been allowed to do this completely uninterrupted. Nobody wanted permission to do something unsavoury, or for me to cut them a slice of bread, or for me to extract a splinter, or adjudicate a fight, or for me to take them somewhere, or pick them up from somewhere.

I have become so intoxicated by this that I now plan to have a bath, completely uninterrupted.

The heady heights of child free time. It is too dizzying for words.

It’s not that my children are particularly demanding, it’s just that they are always there, or always on their way here and there. I love having them around, but I also like being alone, and even when they’re quiet or busy with their own stuff, they are present, if you know what I mean?

I like solitude. I like my own company. I do not get bored. I don’t need entertaining. I am more than happy to entertain myself. I also, and people who know how much I talk find this staggering, really like silence. When I am on my own in the house I rarely listen to music, or the radio, or watch TV. I love the sounds of an empty house.

Anyway, before I get too enraptured and/or wrinkly with bath water, I must remind you of Tallulah’s debut festival performance again.

The festival is a small one, at an undisclosed location near Bath (you get the address when you book your tickets.)

It’s called Ladies Take The Stage and it’s being arranged by a wonderful lady called Annie who runs a company called Field Good Bar.

It runs from Friday 2nd September at noon, until Sunday 4th September. Tickets for the entire event are £30. Day tickets are £15. You can buy them by clicking on this link.

The tickets are a song, frankly, and the money is going to an amazing cause. You will be supporting the Women’s Aid charity that supports women who have suffered from domestic abuse. As refuges up and down the country are being forced to close due to the withdrawal of government funding, charities like these are more and more important for women and their children who need help and support in terrifying domestic situations.

The event has also been organised to promote equality for women in the music industry, which is something I am keen to champion, as the mother of a teenage girl who wants to be a musician.

Tallulah will be singing from midday on Saturday. She will be doing three or four numbers. It would be wonderful if people came to hear her. It would be wonderful if people came to enjoy a glorious weekend in Bath. It would be wonderful if people came to support women. Whatever reason you come is a good one.

We can only stay for the day, sadly, but intend to make the most of our time there, singing, celebrating and partying hard. It’s all for a good cause.


6 responses to “Take The Stage

  1. That sounds like a book I’d enjoy. Thank you for the recommendation. Have you read Rachel Ferguson’s The Brontes Went to Woolworth’s (speaking of that august emporium)?

    Break a leg, Tallulah!

  2. I wish I could come and listen. But I can’t. I hope it all goes really well, and that you have a wonderful ‘Proud Mummy’ moment.

  3. It sounds utterly wonderful, and makes me wish I were well enough to travel to see it!
    Tell Tallulah to, ‘Break A Leg’ 🙂
    My daughter lives in Bristol, and tells me Bath is wonderful 🙂

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