Loathsome Mother Country


I have started this blog post several times over the last few days, wanting to say something about the Conservative leadership race. I have sputtered out like a brief candle after a few sentences.

Where on earth do you even begin with this unholy mess? I mean, where? I keep saying this in the hope that someone will have begun, but no, we seem to be going round and round in the mire like a cat chasing it’s own tail. Better that we provide amusement for those people who now think watching the UK go to hell in a hand cart is as funny as what they can see on Youtube than actually fix something.

We are a country made of one, gigantic blooper reel.

How can we have got to the point where the best I can hope for in a Prime Minister is Theresa May?

Where the opposition to Theresa is a woman who thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to lie on her CV?

Where people I have spoken to about this have shrugged and said: ‘People do lie on their CV.’

I mean, really? Really? Is that all it merits? A shrug?

For the woman who wants to be the leader and figurehead of our country for the next four years and who before she even starts, has based her campaign on a lie?

She’s not going for a job in Clintons’ Cards for fuck’s sake.

She’s not plugging  up the fact that she has a mysterious gap in her employment for six months after university with vague tales of temping, when she was really on an almighty festival bender and couldn’t be arsed to get up every morning.

She’s saying she handled billions of pounds worth of funds, working on complex, multi national financial projects and that it is this skill set which makes her ideal for handling a post Brexit Britain.

And when this is exposed by people who employed and worked with her as a lie, that just merits an ‘oh well,’ and a shrug does it?

This, from people who are outraged that the whole referendum campaign on both sides has been based on lies and fear mongering, and yet they are still willing to accept the idea of a leader who is building the future of the country on more lies? Lies that directly affect her competency to govern?

What the fuck is wrong with people?

And possibly (not really) I could just about wrap my head around the fact that she’s a liar if it weren’t for all the other stuff.

The fact that she wants to put her Christian faith front and centre of her campaign. Even though we live in a country which separates church and state and whose government is secular.

And yet I’ve had the shruggers again. ‘Oh well,’ they say, ‘It is a Christian country. The Queen is the defender of the faith. Our laws are based on the ten commandments. I don’t see the problem.’

Really? Even though we have thousands of laws, and only ten of them really pertain to the ten commandments, and that one about fly tipping has nothing to do with Jesus at all? Or the fact that the Queen is a figurehead with no governmental authority because our political life is SECULAR.

Don’t tell me these people would be shrugging if Sadiq Khan had run for Mayor of London on the strap line of keeping his Muslim faith front and centre of his political campaign.

And if she really wants to put her Christian faith front and centre of her campaign, how about starting with one of those precious ten commandments: ‘Thou Shalt Not Lie?’

That also applies to your CV, Andrea.

Then maybe we can move on to another of those pesky commandments: ‘Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour.’ That would be the whole saying that Theresa May is not fit to govern the country, because she isn’t a mother, and only a mother can do such an onerous task, Andrea.

That would also include, when people get rightly outraged about such a frankly appalling attack on a woman who couldn’t have children, and the fact that it dismisses the point of view of large chunks of the population, including all men, saying that you didn’t say that and the journalist who quoted you was a liar. Then, when the journalist is able to prove she isn’t a liar, falling back on saying that you didn’t really mean it, because you were exhausted from trying to think about what it would mean to run the country.

So you believe that you are fit to run the country for four years, but are so exhausted from a week of campaigning to try to run the country that you get caught out in more lies? What an excellent leader you will make.

Then there’s the fact that you’re not really focusing on the important things, Andrea, like how to get us out of a situation where the pound is now the lowest performing currency next to the Argentinian peso. God forbid we should look to that, or finding a way out of austerity, when what’s really needed, according to you, is a removal of the ban on fox hunting to make this country great.

Because that’s what this country needs right now isn’t it? More ripping foxes to bits and less focus on stopping us becoming the laughing stock of the globe?

We’ll brush over the homophobia, the hard core belief in a free market that means tearing apart workers rights and maternity pay for those blessed mothers you identify with, your wish to overturn human rights to ‘free’ us. I won’t ask you from what and into what? I don’t think you know, Andrea.

And we’ll finish with the promise of £10 million in funding from UKIP donors who seem to have deserted Farage in favour of pinning their hopes on you being able to push their agenda, such as it is, into prominence.

And the postscript that you accepted money from a neocon group in the US who promote gun rights and think climate  change is a hoax, because that’s the kind of good mother you’re going to be for our country.

I think I’d rather be an orphan.

42 responses to “Loathsome Mother Country

  1. smerlinchesters

    All this situation is starting to be so mind-boggling that I feel like I am stoned most of the time I’m awake. This coming from someone who never smoked pot or even cigarettes. I want to identify that idiot who put us all inside a Tardis back to the 1950s and then burn him/her on a bonfire. Possibly before November 5th too. It sounds Guy-Fawkian but I don’t care.

  2. I despair too. You’re better able to express my feelings than I am.

    I hate to talk about this country any longer as ‘this country’ in proud, nationalistic terms… because I no longer see myself as a member of our British society.

    I feel gutted and disenfranchised by the madness that has taken over our country in the past two weeks.

    For me, it feels like our government – who are elected and paid to make difficult decisions in a considered way – dumped the whole thing back on the ‘masses’, and now we’re all fucked.

    We’re living in cloud cuckoo-land. I wouldn’t trust Andrea Leadsom with my step-kids for 30 minutes. I don’t think Theresa May – God bless her – has a clue or any vision whatever… she’s just a fucking efficient administrator.

    We wanted out of the EU because we wanted to ‘take back control’… but our political parties are full of numpties… with the possible exception of that almost extinct breed called Liberal-Democrats and Nicola Sturgeon.

    The lunatic ‘have nots’ in this society have seemingly taken control through numerical rather than intelligent supremacy, and we appear fucked.

    What a complete and utter joke this country has become. 😔

  3. Again brilliant!! You do have the ability to put into words (in my humble opinion) the underlying feelings that many of us share, post this ‘Proposed Extraction of the UK from the Europe Union’. Yes, ‘Extraction’ is my metaphor, as it feels like a prolonged tooth pulling without an anaesthetic, by a team of inept practitioners, knowing that each one of them will be having a little ‘tweak’ with a giant pair of pliers before handing over the last ‘pull’ to a chimpanzee with a claw hammer!
    Have you thought of becoming PM Katy? You seem to have a better handle on the situation that the overpaid squabbling public servants who have graced the media during the last few months! I would certainly vote for you, but then, I voted to remain so, what do I know?

  4. Brilliant.

  5. Elizabeth Thomas

    Well said.

    My only hope at the moment is this – from gov.uk website:

    “The EEA includes EU countries and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It allows them to be part of the EU’s single market.”

    It also says that the single market allows “free movement of goods, capital, services and people between member states”.

    The referendum paper asked ONE simple question: shall we leave the EU? Nowhere did it ask if we wanted to go one further and leave the EEA, to restrict free movement and ditch the single market.

    So, even those who argue that the result of this fraudulent referendum must be “respected” have absolutely no mandate to take us out of the EEA. There was no question about ending free movement on the ballot paper.

    Let’s all start banging on about this to anyone who says “suck it up” about the result.

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Abso-fucking-lutley.x

  7. So angry that my spelling went a bit wobbly…but better that than the country continuing to be wobbly.

  8. Thank you, Katyboo, for being able to write in an articulate way about events that are so shocking they are leaving me barely coherent. It’s as if we thought we had a choice and suddenly the covers have been pulled aside to reveal – that it was all an illusion.

  9. I am not surprised it took several starts Katy – I never imagined I would be lost for words but I am certainly heading that way after recent weeks, so well done for articulating these thoughts for me.

    I am feeling so relieved that Leadsom has pulled out and spared us another suicidal act of pseudo-democracy. But now we have to watch Arron Banks (or one of his many aliases) who said he plans to launch UKIP 2.0 and wipe out Labour unless Andrea was made PM – he may have us all rushing to hide under the beds pretty soon.

    In the meantime poor old Angela Eagle will feel the undiluted eye of Sauron now that Andrea has retreated back to Hobbiton……

  10. 😩😩😩
    News announced while reading your fine piece that TM is now PM so Andrea can now return to harrassed busy mum routine.

  11. Thank F she’s dropped out of the race

  12. Yet another brilliant blog which is fortunately now academic as Andrea has also thrown in the towel and gone to join a local hunt. Now where’s that stone with a sword sticking out of it. Perhaps we should all have a go?

  13. Well hoorah and hallelujah she has withdrawn from the race, just hope that’s not another lie. This is a very Alice in Wonderland world where we are relieved that Theresa May is going to be Prime Minister

  14. Well she has quit now so that ends that.
    Wednesday is “May Day”. I think that sums it up. I wonder if this much faster switch of leadership will mean a much sooner trigger of article 50?

  15. You have an amazing ability to express my rage and frustration with the way things are. Damn right, why do people just shrug? Are people really so devoid of interest in integrity these days? Apathy rules…

  16. Blimey Andrea. Don’t mess with Katyboo: she’s clearly dangerous when she’s roused. Katy: could we please nominate any other people that need dealing with?

  17. You don’t know the power you have….she’s actually p….s….d off out of the race. Leaving not a single “leave” campaigner to take responsibility for the mess they wished for.

  18. OMG ! You have read my mind and put into words !!!! What an Uking mess ….. We now think that TM is the best option !!

  19. I stumbled across your blog during peak Brexit and you have made me laugh through my tears over what an almighty mess is unfolding in my “mother country”! Thank you for your posts, you have so nicely articulated what many of us feel but could never put into words.

  20. You really must stop holding back and start saying what you really think………

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