Wot I dun in my arf term olidee

What a half term we have had.

Edited highlights include:

Much baking. In fact ridiculous amounts of baking. Also much eating of baked goods.

Visiting London once more. Oscar and I went to pick the girls up from their dad’s place on Tuesday. We also gave our friend Alex a lift back to London where he was about to indulge in a week of marvellous activities. I decided, given that we didn’t have to meet the girls until late in the afternoon, that the rest of the day would be Oscar’s to do with as he pleased.

What he pleased was visiting our favourite chocolate shop/cafe (Said) on Broadwicke Street for the most amazing hot chocolate. Then he was pleased to visit Gosh! the comic shop on Berwick Street, followed by Forbidden Planet. From there we took a meandering (thanks to my getting lost) walk to Daunt Books, and from there to Rococo chocolates on Moxon Street.

At this point we were supposed to have lunch and walk some of the Thames Path, but the weather was vile, so we were very indulgent and went for afternoon tea at The Covent Garden Hotel in Seven Dials. We chose the gentleman’s tea, which was made up of weeny fish and chips, steak sandwiches, home made Scotch eggs with quails eggs inside, prawn and crab cocktails and Opera cake for pudding. We drank about seventeen cups of tea each and Oscar, smothered in tomato sauce, was singularly unimpressed that Sir Ben Kingsley was sitting opposite us. He was more impressed by the poshness of the urinals which he insisted on shouting about in the middle of the restaurant, much to my amusement.

After we met up with the girls, we went to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Miro gallery in Hoxton and took photos standing amongst infinite, yellow, polka dot pumpkins.

On Tuesday we took the fruits of our baking efforts to Birmingham to participate in a bake off with Kate and Rachel and their families. There were twelve of us and about eleventy million cakes. It was an excellent day, although I had the coffee and sugar jitters quite badly on the way home due to allowing myself to be over served.

On Thursday we went to the excellent Falcon supermarket in Leicester with my parents. I have blogged about this place before. It is amazing. It is a huge, Asian supermarket, and you can buy fields of herbs for about a quid, and find spices you never even dreamed existed. They have a new aisle devoted to African foods, and I was mesmerised by fish tusks in a packet, and something called His Grace Chin Chin, which looked a bit like weeny hula hoops, but which we never established fully in terms of food groups.

We also managed a great walk in the woods with our friends Jane and Jack in the afternoon, which was rewarded with an enormous tea at the local pub near Jane’s new house. We ate huge amounts of chips and ice cream sundaes and staggered back through the woods, replete to the max.

Friday was our day of shopping for the final touches for our Comicon Leicester outfits. This involved trying on ridiculous stuff in charity shops and, as ever, buying far too many clothes that we don’t need but couldn’t really resist for that price.  We also went out for curry at Jamal’s, our curry house of choice at the moment.

Today was slightly more sedate, although we did spend the afternoon at Leicester’s Riverside festival with Uncle Robber and Jane and Jack, before heading home. Oscar and Jason immediately went back out to play golf. Tilly helped me make a splendid tomato sauce for pasta and then I dropped her at a party, and Tallulah and I relished being alone for a few hours.

Tomorrow is Comicon, and getting ready to go back to school day.

There will be no rest for me, though, wicked as I am, due to the fact that it is Tilly’s seventeenth birthday on Monday.

Seventeen! Cries and crikey moses.




One response to “Wot I dun in my arf term olidee

  1. 17, your Tilly? How did that happen when I was not looking? Please wish her a happy day from me. (Whom she doesn’t know…?) Is that weird?

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