Where Mad People Live

Oscar: ‘I’ve always wanted to try one of those rooms.’

Me: ‘What room?’

Oscar: ‘You know, those bouncy rooms?’

Me: ‘No. Not really. You mean a bouncy castle?’

Oscar: ‘No. One of those bouncy rooms with cushions in…’

Jason: ‘Nope. No idea.’

Oscar:’…for mad people to live in.’

Me: ‘Ah! A padded cell!’

Jason begins to laugh uncontrollably.

Oscar: ‘Yes! Where mad people live…(his voice takes on a weird timbre) and they pay to stay in there with animal money…that they create…IN THEIR MINDS!’

He cackles with laughter.

Me: ‘Well, you’re certainly going about booking yourself in in a very effective manner.’


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