Conversations with N, One of our Best Ideas

N: ‘How are you?’

Me: ‘OK, thanks. Have been a bit poorly this week, but then, that’s lady bits for ya.’

N: ‘Bloody lady bits! I’m fed up of mine.’

Me: ‘Shall we not bother with them any more?’

N: ‘I’m sure we could sell them on E-Bay.’

Me: ‘I might bronze mine and mount them on a nice bit of mahogany.’

N: ‘Nice. Under a glass dome or wall hanging, like antlers?’

Me: ‘Like antlers for sure. Ovary antlers.’

N: ‘Yes! We could festoon our walls with them, a la Calke Abbey.’

Me: ‘Yes! Ancestral heirlooms.’

N: ‘A dedicated ovary room.’

Me: ‘I like it.’

N: ‘It’s one of our best ideas yet.’

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