Boring post mostly for myself about migraines

Let’s talk about my migraines.

It’s one of my favourite topics, obviously, given that they take up huge swathes of my time.

Actually it’s more that I think I need somewhere to chart the changes that are happening to them, and here’s as good a place as any.

There have been interesting (to me) changes since the day of the daith point ear piercings that had the potential to help.

Mostly, I have to say, they have helped.

Since I had the piercings done, I have not had the day long on the sofa, or pacing the garden, migraine. Nor have I had the ones where I wake up, throw up and repeat to fade.

I have, for example, been able to function as a passable human being every day since the piercings, despite a few days when I know I was scheduled for migraines.

i.e. they started life as those headaches which 99 times out of 100 turn into migraines. On these days they did not, they just stayed as headaches, and headaches, although uncomfortable, are something I can live with.

Particularly when the other option is a migraine.

I have mostly been able to medicate these with regular pain relief too, and it has worked. There have been times where the headache has been more stubborn and I’ve had to resort to migraine meds, but only over the counter ones, not my triptans.

On the slightly less cheery side, I have had considerably more headaches. Last week for example I woke up with a headache on my birthday and have had one every day since.

Today is the first day for a week I haven’t woken up with a headache.

This week I have also had two migrainous episodes.

On Thursday I came home late from two, very long back to back meetings. I got out of the second meeting only to feel very ill rather suddenly. The headache I had had all day had suddenly been replaced by terrible pain down the sides of my face, nausea and feeling really, really cold.  I managed to get home, by which point I was shaking with the cold, and Jason had to wrap me in two duvets and a hot water bottle to get me warm.  The nausea faded, I kept medication down and was able to sleep it off, but I’m fairly sure it was a migraine, but without head pain.

Yesterday I was absolutely fine all day, but on the way home from going out to dinner I suddenly started to experience visual distortions, rips and tears in my vision and bright zig zag shape flashes across my field of vision. By the time I got home it was affecting me so much that it was playing havoc with my depth perception and I totally failed to be able to pick a cup up from the kitchen table.

I had this type of migraine once before, a few years ago. It’s very strange as in the initial stages there is no pain at all, just the visual stuff and a weird feeling of being slightly dislocated or muffled from reality.  Just as when I had them before I found that just going to sleep as soon as possible for a couple of hours meant it went away completely and I felt absolutely fine on waking.  I’m not sure how it would have progressed if I hadn’t been able to go immediately to bed.  In the past, after a while they would develop into full blown, painful migraines with all the usual symptoms.  Now that I’ve got the piercings it’s difficult to say what would happen. I’m glad I didn’t have to find out.

So, for actual head pain, the piercings are brilliant. For avoiding killer, days long ruining migraines, also brilliant. For headaches not so good, and for different types of migraine also not so good.

As far as a learning goes I have always known I have two types of migraine, one is stress related, one is menstrual related.  The stress in my life is pretty full on at the moment, and the development of the migraines to a different form indicates to me that I need to still cut out some of the stress, and not go full steam ahead regardless. I need to accept that the migraines were my body’s way of telling me that I was overdoing it, and they’re going to keep finding a way to do that.

As for what happens with the menstrual migraines, we wait and see.

2 responses to “Boring post mostly for myself about migraines

  1. just to say, if you continue to get flashes across your field of vision you should pop in to see the optician just in case. Although it is most likely migraine related, and you are much more familiar with your migraines than I am obviously, and I get these jagged line things, and once, disturbingly something that looked like a whirlpool in the middle of my eye, myself, but flashing lights in eyes should always be investigated, especially, shudder, ‘as we get older’.

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