Birthday Spoilings

It has been a most splendid weekend. I am very grateful for this because a) I was feeling rather blah and a bit meh about this birthday in the run up to it, which is not at all like me, and b) it is the last weekend of the holidays and it can fall a bit flat as you drown under excavated PE kits and hysterical homework remembering.

We spent yesterday morning at a Support the Junior Doctors Rally at the Clock Tower in Leicester.

Everything happens at the Clock Tower in Leicester, by the way. If it didn’t happen there, it basically didn’t happen at all. FACT.

It is the first time I have been to a demo/protest/event where it wasn’t howling a gale and I wasn’t wrapped up in sixteen layers of clothing and yet still freezing. I am taking it as a sign that might be an omen.

After being suitably supportive we sloped off to Wagamama for lunch and then bimbled about. I bimbled into buying four dresses for my birthday. I was and am very excited by them all.

Back at home we all had a small lie down and waited for Tilly to get home so that I could have my cards and we could eat cake. I got some choice cards this year. Jason and the children got me one from Funky They had chosen some tremendous photos of us all to adorn it with, and it is truly the best card I have ever received. It is also huge. Apparently the large sized card option is not lying when it says large.

The evening was spent lazing around reading books. Always a pleasure. Never a chore.

Today was the realisation of a long felt want. I love Thai food, and in Leicester we have a dearth of it. In fact, apart from one small takeaway over the other side of the city, there is no Thai restaurant in Leicester. This makes me sad.

There is a very nice Thai restaurant in Banbury though. Banbury is about an hour away, but on a Sunday, when they do an immense Thai buffet (which satisfies even the pickiest eaters in our family), it is worth the drive. We haven’t been for ages. We have tried to go several times, but always been thwarted. Today though, was different. We had booked. We got up early, we met with no hideous traffic problems. We found parking, and we had our eating trousers on.

Oh my word, it was splendid. I don’t honestly know what I would recommend more; the thinly sliced beef salad with baby tomatoes and chilli, the vermicelli noodles with tamarind and chilli, the mushroom tom yum soup, or all the other billion things I ate. It was a truly epic meal, fit for a birthday celebration.

We pottered around the country on our way back, making each other laugh, exploring random villages because we liked the sound of the names, taking the long way home, and enjoying  being together.

It was perfect.

For everyone who sent me a good wish, a gift, a card, I thank you. I have been thoroughly spoiled. As well as my new dresses, I got a wonderful print, great books, lovely ceramics and a new pair of Docs, which I will model when they arrive.

I am a lucky woman, and feeling particularly grateful, and particularly full. A double blessing.


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