Ultra Incredible

I read an article about a hot new fashion brand via The Pool this week. It’s a company called ‘Vetements’. You can read the article here.

If you can’t be bothered to click, here’s the skinny. The company was ‘tired’ of all the aspirational designer looks clogging up the runway and felt it was time to get real. Actually, in the article they are described as ‘ultra-real’. They make this ‘ultra-real’ clothing for the ‘ultra-fashionable’ cool kids, and apparently it has been flying off the rails.

What is ‘ultra-real’ fashion I hear you cry?

Well, what it is, is…

Very ordinary clothing which has ‘Vetements’ labels stitched into it, and which is then sold on at extraordinary prices.

To whit, an exact copy of a DHL delivery driver’s t-shirt which retails on Ebay for about a fiver, but which, with the power of the label, can be purchased for £185.

I would have thought this was an April Fool’s Day post except it dropped on the 4th April.

I love fashion. I properly love it, not that you could tell by looking at me half the time.

I love beautiful design, innovative use of fabric, fabulous cutting etc. I love the skill and imagination of some designers. The Alexander McQueen retrospective at the V&A last year was one of the most marvellous things I’ve ever been privileged to witness. It was art, frankly. With work like that, you can see why the clothes cost so much money to buy. If you were lucky enough to own a piece you would treasure it like you treasure jewellery or paintings.

Then there is this type of fashion. This is the sort  of fashion that gives the real deal a bad name. This is, to my mind the worst of what fashion can be. ‘Ultra-real’ is a term that makes me grind my teeth in frustration.

There is nothing clever about this. To me, it is all about stupidity. It shows the ignorance of whoever came up with the ideas, that somehow, in this age of brutal austerity where the have nots have less and less, it is ‘ironic’ and ‘on brand’ and ‘amusing’ to take what is effectively peasant clothing and make it high end and aspirational. It smacks of Marie Antoinette playing at being a simple farm maiden at Petit Trianon while people in the city starved for a crust of bread.

It also shows the stupidity of those people who somehow feel that they are so elite and other that being able to spend £750 on a tracksuit that would ordinarily retail for about £20 were it not for the fact that it has a French word stitched on it gives them some kind of credibility.

What it gives me is a sense of utter incredibility and another, over-priced way marker towards the end of days.


One response to “Ultra Incredible

  1. I’ve long thought that Brand Names who try to sell us ‘fashionable’ goods should actually pay us for advertising their brands.

    I get ‘own labels’ or make my own – that way I get sleeves and legs long enough! At 6’+ I’ve needed to, particularly forty years ago! As ’tis the ‘average woman’ appears to stand about 5′ 5″. No wonder staggeringly high heels are popular. Me? I just stand up straight. Just as well really as I have a tendency to fall off flat sandals!

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