holiday trivia

More excitement as it happens/or not.

My fridge is not well. Water keeps pooling at the bottom, and sometimes on the floor. It is still fridging, which is good, but we are treating it like a frail, old lady, nursing it gently onwards because we really do not want to buy a new fridge.  Except that you don’t usually take a frail old lady apart and lay her component pieces out all over the kitchen floor, which is what Jason ended up doing on Sunday afternoon.

Ours is one of those fridge freezers that slots into a specific space, and if we don’t buy one of similar dimensions it will look weird, so we are limited as to what we can buy, and if we buy the same make but the latest model, it will cost us £2,000. For a fridge freezer.


There is a new bakery in town. We tried to go to it yesterday. It closes on Mondays. We tried to go for breakfast today. It usually opens at ten. It was shut until eleven and we were starving, so we went down the road for breakfast instead. Tomorrow we will give it another chance when some friends come for afternoon tea. Fingers crossed.  It looks great, but closed. I will report back. A new bakery is always worth reporting.

Plop but with a chance of hoorah.

We went to a local pub called The Donkey for lunch on Saturday. I had heard good things about it, mainly the live music (Jah Wobble is playing there soon. I thought he was dead. I might go, just to celebrate the fact he is alive), but also that the food was nice. It’s a bit spit and sawdust, but I liked it. The staff are friendly and helpful and the vegetarian breakfast was epic. Mine was on a plate the size of a small town and consisted of about ten good sized mushrooms, a veggie sausage, proper baked beans, roasted tomato, grilled halloumi a poached egg, home made hash browns and wholemeal toast. It cost £7, which was an absolute bargain and I was full for the rest of the day. They also do vegan food, and it looked lovely.


My new piercings are still a bit ouchtastic, but (touching all available wood) they seem to be working. I had what should have been the beginning of a migraine on Saturday. Instead it just turned into a regular headache, and although I had to take pain killers, I could function, and see, and wasn’t throwing up. Also, now the piercings have stopped bleeding into my ears, I can hear too.


Yesterday we went to my friend Jane’s new house. She is in the process of doing it up and needs all hands on deck to get it painted before her new carpets arrive. I took the children with me and we spent several happy hours removing wood chip from walls, sugar soaping things to within an inch of their lives and using Polyfilla like it’s going out of fashion. We  came home filthy, aching but very, very satisfied and we all agreed it was the best day of our holiday so far. I’m so pleased I never did the traditional soft play area, toddler group stuff with my kids. It’s much more fun to take them for a day of intensive DIY interaction. Our only sadness was that there was no time to paint. We will be back.


I am beginning to feel better in the dark brain department.

Hoo bloody rah.


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  1. Hi Katy…my fridge was doing the same. Hubby tried and tried, but eventually I got the ‘man’ in. He pulled the thing apart – apparently it wasn’t defrosting properly and had become all clogged up with ice – in places you couldn’t get to. After half an hour’s work it’s fine now….

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