Holiday Week One

This is a randomly generated post to show I am not dead. It is however, the middle of the Easter holidays and I cannot keep track of the days. Also, I am in one of my bleak brain moods. As is the way of my people, there is nothing to justify the bleakness. That makes it all the worse. I have been doing lovely things with lovely people and feeling very blessed to have the life I do. In the midst of it all the black dog comes wandering along and flops down by the fire and it is as if all the colour has drained out of life for a while.

It will pass.

In the meantime have some edited high/low points of the week.

I did get to go to Malvern antique fair with mum and dad on Monday. We got off very lightly as far as my namesake storm went. We spent a lovely, albeit freezing and damp few hours poking around looking for treasure. I fell in love with a glass case full of miniature skulls. I nearly bought a stuffed duckling. I resisted. It wasn’t weird enough.

I was looking for Scandinavian ceramics, terrible taxidermy and pictures. These were not in supply. Mostly it was all about the blue and white china. I love blue and white china, but I have loads of it already and really did not find anything to add to my already extensive collection that made my heart sing.

My mum and dad did buy me a rather lovely hand made rag doll for my birthday though, which is very sweet. I shall provide photographs anon.

On Tuesday I drove down to London to hang out with my wonderful friend Gina and her husband Paul, who I was finally allowed to meet, even though they have been married for six years now. I interviewed him for the post retrospectively. He scrubbed up well.

We ate fantastic Thai style barbecue at a place called The Smoking Goat on Denmark Street. We drifted down to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Hundred Years of Vogue Exhibition, which I rather loved. Gina spent the entire time looking at Kate Moss’ nose through the ages, which was to be expected. She is keen on Kate, and her nose in particular.

We hot footed it from there to South Kensington where we ate cake and went to see Grayson Perry do a lecture for PEN on ten pieces of literature that inspire him. It was great. You’ve got to love a bit of Grayson.

This made up for the fact that I got stuck in hideous traffic on the way home and didn’t get in until half past midnight.

Wednesday I spent wrestling another bloody migraine, but did manage to go to dinner at my friend Jenn’s house. I’m glad I held on long enough to do this. She is a fantastic cook.

Thursday I got up at sparrow fart to go and be interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester about how sad it is that our doctor’s surgery was shutting at midday. It was a miserable experience made more miserable by the fact that it was the sheer incompetence of other people that was the reason it closed in the end.

The day perked up later on when a whole bunch of us descended on the Guildhall and the small children did Easter crafts and the larger children went and shopped. We all reconvened for a rowdy lunch in a nearby cafe where we took up half the premises and made a great deal of noise.

In the afternoon I finally plucked up the courage to go and have my daith pierced. I read an article a few months ago about how the piercing may help with migraine, and as mine are so bad at the moment, rather than take the anti-depressant with side effects I don’t want to deal with that the Dr. prescribed, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The daith piercing is inside the ear, through cartilage. You usually have one piercing, on the side that you get your migraine. As mine move around a lot (my migraine, not my ears), I decided it would be safer to have both done. It hurt like buggery. And it made a crunching noise, and my ears are so tender they feel like giant elephant ears at the moment, but what the hell. If it helps even a little bit, I shall be happy. Plus, when they stop hurting like a bastard I think I’ll be quite pleased with them on an aesthetic level too.

I slept very carefully last night.

Today has been a day of indulging the children. We went hunting for treasure at a local charity shop hot spot and they have purchased many things, much to their delight. They have also been allowed to go to Greggs and get chicken bakes. Tallulah is so enamoured of chicken bakes, she will be serving them at her wedding apparently. You heard it here first.

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