Ups and Downs. Largely Downs

It is a time of ups and downs.

I cheered loudly when Ian Duncan Smith resigned from the DWP over the outrageous cuts to disability benefits, neatly shifting the blame onto George Osborne, even though IDS has been grinding the face of the poor for too many years to think about and is entirely self interested. He has spotted a vacancy at the feet of Boris one suspects.

I groaned when his successor turned out to be Stephen Crabb, a man who once held shares in a company that promised to cure gay people of gayness.

And again when it turned out that he was up to his eyes in the expenses scandal.

And again when Nadine Dorries expected public sympathy  by tweeting that she was aggrieved because she had been tricked by Ian Duncan Smith into voting for the disability cuts even though she was morally opposed to them. Those who voted for her, will of course be delighted that she never thought for one second to canvas their opinion about how to vote, even though she represents them.

I gnashed my teeth when David Cameron, despite all evidence to the contrary stuck by his vision of ‘one Britain’ which is united by a Tory party which is ‘a modern, compassionate, Conservative party’.

This despite the fact that last week, that not only were millions of pounds hacked off an ever dwindling NHS budget which is already having disastrous results on patient care and safety across the country, and paving the way for the final fragmentation and privatisation of the health service, but we were also faced with the forced academisation of the education sector and the abolition of parent governors so nobody can protest about the fact that public land will go into the hands of private businesses, or the fact that children will inevitably be worse off.

The compassionate party that is selling off our health, our welfare and our education to the highest bidder.

I frothed when faced with the news that Leicester council is running a CEASE campaign where we can all spend money texting the police to register our disapproval at child abuse in Leicester, Loughborough and Rutland, but we can all turn a blind eye to the fact that Greville Janner abused children in this area for decades and it took so long to take him to court that he died in the process. That will surely help inspire confidence in children who are currently feeling that nobody listens to them and if they do go to the authorities nobody will do a damn thing about it.

I spat feathers at Novak Djokovic’s claim that it is only right that women tennis players get less money than their male counterparts because they are not as interesting to watch as male tennis players.

The less said about the American elections the better frankly.

And that is just a smidgeon of the downs, and it’s only Monday.

The ups?

I got tickets to see Daniel Kitson at the Liverpool Everyman in May.

I want the research ship to be called Boaty McBoatface, and if you don’t, I don’t know whether I can be your friend any more.


3 responses to “Ups and Downs. Largely Downs

  1. UK government appears determined to crush out all of the best social programmes created over the past century. Horrifying to watch. As far as the US goes, there is a reason I couldn’t hack living there; UGH. Will just enjoy this brief moment where Canada appears to have elected a gov’t that genuinely wants to do the right thing across a number of areas before it no doubt goes pear-shaped.

    Ooo – enjoy Daniel Kitson. I saw Danai Gurira’s Eclipsed with Lupita Nyong’o in previews on Broadway a few weeks ago, and it was probably the most moved I have ever been in a theatre – I keep thinking about it. Just stomach churning and tragic but with these moments of humour that shone through due to some stellar acting. Also so great to see a play with African/African-American female playwright & cast.

    Go Boaty McBoatface!

  2. Sorry Katy, you missed the point. It’s not about gender.It’s not about “women tennis players” and “male tennis players”: it’s about Money – Men’s tennis or Women’s tennis. Which is a sport? Which will people pay big money to see?

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