A Week in the Life

It has been a full on week, even by my standards.

Here’s the low down.

Monday: went to see the RSC’s Dr. Faustus at The Swan in Stratford. Pushed for time, so no tea for me, despite cooking for everyone else and slicing a chunk out of my finger with the Kenwood Chef blade. I cooked it, didn’t have time to eat it, bled drippily en route to the theatre. On the way back multiple road closures meant that a 45 minute journey turned into an hour and 45 minute journey and I visited parts of Warwickshire never previously seen by me. A shame it all happened in the dark.

Tuesday: A trip to the osteopath to keep my wonky hips/migrainous head in order followed by a dash to the other side of the city for a meeting with the Deputy Mayor on the future of Primary Care in Leicester City. A dash home to cook dinner then out to the pub quiz where we came a creditable third and I was very pleased that I am still obsessed with The Smiths, hence doing better than usual on the music round.

Wednesday: I have no recollection of what I did in the day. This probably means I fell asleep. I did however drive myself, Tilly and our friend Alex to Birmingham to see Caitlin Moran do an inspiring Q&A about her new book Moranifesto.  Roadworks notwithstanding, it was most excellent and a picnic in the car en route meant that no tea was not an option this time. Tilly and Alex also got hugs from Caitlin. Top marks.

Thursday: I went to a women’s empowerment meeting at the Oadby Yoga Centre in the morning. There was a large meditative bit in which we lay on mats and I was very, very proud to say that I did not fall asleep once. This is a huge achievement as mostly when I sit down now, I just automatically start to nod off. Later on I attended a Leicester City Council Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee meeting and didn’t fall asleep there either. Then I ran like the wind to another part of the city to see a Daniel Kitson work in progress gig with Tilly and Alex, and managed to hoof down cheesy chips on the way home.

Friday: I was due to meet a friend for lunch and then go out with my friend Jenn and her children after school to do fun stuff. As it was, I woke at six with an agonising migraine and spent the entire day lying on the sofa clutching a bowl and wishing for death to take me swiftly. Things did not go entirely to plan.

Somewhere in amongst all this I have almost caught up on my reviewing commitments, finished reading all my library books, and kept up with my health campaigning. It is not a dull life I lead.

Today has been spent making the house look semi respectable. Please do come over. Do not go upstairs, but the entire downstairs is at your disposal. I gave up caring once I hit the landing.

My reward will be a vast curry at our favourite curry house later. This may spur me on to finish the upstairs tomorrow. Or it might leave me in a curry induced coma for the rest of the weekend in which nothing gets done and I idle around like the true loafer I really am. I just wish that the universe would recognise my fundamental laziness and let me embrace it properly.



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