None of the Words

Do you ever get to a point in your week where you feel you have used up all your best words, but you are still going to have to keep going, because you need to communicate things to people and you’re absolutely shit at mime?

I do.

I basically ran out of words on Wednesday, at about 10.00 a.m.  Since then I’ve been borrowing words from next week’s supply, and now I think I’ve hit my overdraft limit.

I am at the point where I am barely stringing sentences together, and at one stage today I actually shouted the word: ‘WORDS!’ at someone with a semi-pleading look on my face as if they would just fill in all the blanks and know exactly what I was trying to say under the mask of desperation that my face had frozen into.

When asked what I wanted for my dinner this evening, by my kind husband who had figured out that I was far too idiotic to be in charge of knives, raw ingredients and a hob, I just rested my head on the kitchen table and shrugged my shoulders in defeat at the number of things I would have to think about, choices I would have to make, and words that I would have to expend effort stringing together.

Tomorrow I am off on my travels to visit a friend who lives in Surrey. It is her birthday and I am going to her party. It will be a sleepover party. I am very excited about it because I haven’t seen her in an age, and I don’t go to parties very often, and it is bound to be excellent fun.

I am also excited because I am going on the train, which means I do not have to drive around the M25, which is my least favourite road in the entire world with the possible exception of the M6.

The thing that excites me the most at this current moment is the fact that I am going alone. I intend to take one of the many books I am currently woefully behind on and do nothing but read it for the entire duration of my journey. My plan is to not speak to a living soul unless forced, and I am hoping that several hours of silence and reading will restock some of my sadly depleted word supply. By Monday I expect to be chipper, eager and full of words like antediluvian, crumhorn and finagle, all of which I will use with ease.

One response to “None of the Words

  1. In particular – finagle – in your best Oirish accent. Please?

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