I’m going to reclaim my blog over the next few days.

It’s not that I’m going to stop campaigning, far from it. It’s fair to say that campaigning will probably be kicked up a notch. Given that this is the case, I will be moving the health stuff to a separate blog, so that it isn’t weird when I actually want to talk about other things in my life.

There have been other things in the last few weeks. It might not seem like it, but there have. It probably explains why, when I got into bed last night, I was so exhausted, I found I was still clutching my car keys in my hand.

I wonder where I thought I was going to drive to?

Nod, probably.

Here’s a quick gallop through the non medical events in my life recently:

I’ve been to see a transvestite, metal-head, vegan comedian called Andrew O’Neill, who did a show called Andrew O’Neill Is Trapped Down A Well. It was excellently strange, as you might expect.

I’ve been to see Daniel Kitson at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham introducing his show, It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later. It’s the third time I’ve seen the show and I still cried. My adoration of Kitson is showing no sign of waning.

I’ve been away to London for a weekend with friends. We ate a great deal of food, laughed an inordinate amount, and went to The Young Vic to see the play The Battle, which was interesting and thought provoking, and even though I’m not sure I understood it, I still find myself mulling it over in quiet moments.

I’ve been to the live streaming of the opening of the Ted Talks in Vancouver at the cinema. The cinema was in Leicester, the talks were in Vancouver.

I’ve been to an Indian block printing workshop at the New Walk Museum where I helped Oscar make a wall hanging and had a terrible hankering to make one too.

I’ve dragged everyone I can convince to come with me to the fantastic Turkish restaurant Yesim’s which my friend Jane introduced me to a few weeks ago. This means I have eaten my own body weight in halloumi, which is no bad thing.

I’ve been back to London to see the splendid David Morrissey in the exceptionally good Hangmen by Martin McDonagh. I’ve loved McDonagh ever since I saw The Pillowman, and this is his first new play for an age. It’s being shown on NTLive soon. If you like dark, dark humour you should definitely see it.

I’ve read Nobody Told Me by Hollie McNish, which is excellent, as is The Trouble With Women by Jacky Fleming.

Been part of a ninja gig by the excellent Grace Petrie.

In vaguely medical but non campaigning news:

I’ve been to Sheffield with Jason on several occasions while he has had horrible root canal surgery, and we are back there at least once this coming month.

My dad couldn’t go on his long anticipated trip to Florida because his feet swelled up to unfeasibly large proportions and he ended up in hospital. He is alright now.

My brother has his own seat in the local hospital for various reasons, which means he is in and out of there like a child in a revolving door.

Oscar needs glasses and has also come out in a funny rash (the two things do not seem to be related, but who the hell knows? Frankly)

In more mundane news:

Matilda has taken up politics in grand style and spends half her life campaigning and attending various meetings. I’d like to say it keeps her off the streets, but it doesn’t. It keeps her on them, with a banner and a megaphone. This makes her harder to kidnap, so I don’t mind.

Oscar has given up naked tromboning. I can’t say I’m sorry. It wasn’t the nudity I was bothered by, it was the sound of elephants being slaughtered that counts as playing the trombone I had a problem with.

Tallulah is being remarkably quiet and well behaved. This is worrying and it will not last.

In future news:

Along with many and various campaigning commitments, in the next two weeks I am also scheduled to:

Go to a raucous fortieth birthday party this weekend. I am taking the train so that I can deal with hangovers and navigating to and from Surrey.

See Dr. Faustus at the RSC, because I may be hungover, but I can still appreciate culture.

See Caitlin Moran doing a show about her new book, Moranifesto.

See Daniel Kitson again, this time doing a work in progress gig.

Go to Sheffield possibly to do a writing workshop, and definitely to see my lovely friend Kate.

So you see, I am still here, underneath it all.

One day I may even finish writing my next book as well.




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  1. you are going to be worn out!

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