Meeting II

The meeting about the imminent closure of The Queen’s Road Medical Centre in Knighton is tomorrow at Leicester University

It will be in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre.

This is in the Fielding Johnson Building (South Wing).

It will start at 6.30 p.m.  Our campaigners will be stationed on campus from 5.00 p.m. to help anyone who arrives early and wants to chat about what we’re doing.

We have notified the security and car parking teams that we will be on campus. There is free parking at all campus sites from 5.00 p.m. You can also use the Sports’ Centre car park, and there is a pay and display car park on University Road just across from the entrance to the Fielding Johnson Building.

The security team are very kindly putting up extra signage on campus for us, so that it should be easier to find the building.

We have stewards who will be at the head of the Victoria Park path across from Queen’s Road and who will be able to take people across the park to the campus if you are on foot.

We have invited both Clarendon Park police and the City police to attend, and Clarendon Park police have indicated that they will do their best to be there to make sure residents feel safe.

We have spoken to the Access Ability team on campus regarding accessibility to the lecture theatre for those who are a little more frail.  The lecture hall is in the basement, but there is lift access available, and we have made signs for inside the building so that the route is clear.

We are led to believe that this meeting will give us more time for our questions, which would be nice.

As I said in my original post:

If you are local. If you are concerned about GP practice closures through the  city. If you are concerned about the further scheduled closures, if you are concerned about how we as patients looking for a new GP will impact your own already overstretched GP surgery and its resources, we urge you to attend this meeting.

It was reported in one of the newspapers this week, that 1 in 3 GP practices in the UK are under threat of closure over the next three years.

I keep reiterating this, but I cannot stress how important it is, this is not just about us.  This affects all of you. This affects all of us.

We have sent six questions to the CCG that we hope they can answer on the night:

  1. To explain how the CCG fulfilled their duties in respect of public consultation when deciding to disperse the lists of two practices in this area
  2. To give details of the available capacity for additional patients in existing practices locally, without quality of care and service being adversely affected.
  3. To explain the work the CCG did when deciding to disperse the list. In particular looking at accessibility, and how this will impact on older people?
  4. To provide reassurance on conflicts of interest given that most of the alternate local GP practices have links to a private company called Across Leicester Ltd, which CCG board members are involved with.
  5. Why GP federations in Leicester are established as “for profit” private companies, and not as Community Interest Companies with patient representation?
  6. Why the CCG claim the Queens Road Medical Centre is not viable given that with local surgery closures there is additional demand, capacity in the building, economies of scale from increasing patient numbers and money within the CCG available to invest?

We welcome other questions. Please come and use this platform to express your concerns.

We look forward to seeing you there.


2 responses to “Meeting II

  1. I just wanted to say thank you – at the minute we’re trying to get our council to see the damage their failure to care for a vulnerable adult has caused. It would be very easy to walk away – and it’s lovely to have the reminder that it’s so SO worth it to keep fighting. Fingers crossed for your local surgery – and petition signed too. Joy

  2. Fingers crossed for you too. I have every faith in you. Stick at it. xx

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