We Meet Again

Our next meeting with the CCG in the campaign to Save Queen’s Road Medical Centre has been booked and confirmed.

It will be at the:

Peter Williams Lecture Theatre

Fielding Johnson Building (South Wing)

Leicester University


It will be on Thursday 25th February 2016.

The meeting will start at 6.30 p.m.  We will be around from 5.00 p.m. to help people find the building.

We will also have people stationed at the corner of Queen’s Road to help people who are walking and who will be accessing the building from the park.

The building is easily accessible from University Road, but the parking is terrible.

We are looking into help for those with disabilities and access problems. I will update this post when we know more.

I am sorry that this blog has turned into such a serious campaign if there are any long term readers left. I am afraid I am willing to sacrifice you for the greater good.

Please, please, if you are local, could you spread the word for us?

The CCG have confirmed that they are not writing to the 2000 remaining patients of Dr. Lenten, even though this meeting directly affects them. They are only contacting those of us who were locked out of the last meeting and who were willing to give contact details.

They have advertised it on their website, which to be frank, is for form’s sake, as how many people except me, regularly visit their local CCG website for anything at all?

They have been on local radio saying that they are using our Facebook page to advertise the meeting.

We only have 168 members. Of those 168, only a tiny fraction are Dr. Lenten’s patients.

This does not tie in with the CCG’s assertion that this meeting is to help and inform Dr. Lenten’s patients at all.

If you are local. If you are concerned about GP practice closures through the  city. If you are concerned about the further scheduled closures, if you are concerned about how we as patients looking for a new GP will impact your own already overstretched GP surgery and its resources, we urge you to attend this meeting.

It was reported in one of the newspapers this week, that 1 in 3 GP practices in the UK are under threat of closure over the next three years.

I keep reiterating this, but I cannot stress how important it is, this is not just about us.  This affects all of you. This affects all of us.

This blog post will stay up until the meeting is over. I will update it as new information comes in.


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