Remembering Dreams

I’m still thinking a lot about the Ted talks stuff.

The idea of dreaming floats around my head multiple times a day. Powerful juju, TED people.

Today I was thinking about my own childhood. I was thinking about the things we dream of when we are children.

I was thinking of the things we think are possible, and which even though people tell us aren’t possible, we choose to favour over the experience of other people’s realities.

My children do this all the time.

They say: ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if space rockets were made of chocolate.’

I say: ‘Yes, but it can’t happen.’

They never say: ‘Oh. OK.’ and give up and move on.

What they say is: ‘Yes, but. Just think for a minute about what would happen if it could. Just think if we could make a mould big enough. Just think if we could fuel it with marshmallow. Just think.’

Whatever I refute their argument with, they come up with something else.

They still have that flexibility of thought that children are blessed with. They still have that positivity that does not see ‘that’s impossible’ as a problem. They still dream.

The people who carry on that dreaming into their adult life are the ones that change the world.

I still dream. I just forget sometimes how powerful it is.

I’ve been thinking about the things I dreamed of being when I was a child.

I went through the usual, nurse, ballerina, movie star, small pony called Ebony Moonlight stuff. I wanted to be so many things, but the fundamental dream, the one to be a writer, never changed.

I thought I wasn’t a writer, because I wasn’t a successful novelist. I realised last year that I am a writer. I write. It’s what I do. I do it every day. I do it almost all day. I am a writer. I am the person I dreamed I would be.

I thought about the other things I dreamed of. I realise that some dreams fall away, and other dreams change. I thought about the fact that my life has taught me that to dream of happiness, of love that is reciprocated, of family, of peace in my home, and a home I look forward to going back to whenever I am away, are the dreams that matter now. Those are the dreams that have become my reality. Those are the dreams that make every, single day I spend on this earth ones that I win at.

These are the dreams that make chasing the dime, owning the car, buying the shoes, irrelevant. Those aren’t dreams, those are hungers that never get satisfied.

Every child has dreams. Every child in the world wants to be something special when they grow up. Every child wants their dreams to come true.

I think about the people I sat across a board meeting table from. I think about their dreams.

I think: ‘I hope to God that your childhood was not filled with dreams of becoming this, of doing this.’

I think: ‘I hope to God that one day you wake up, and remember the dreams of the person you were going to be, and the life you were going to live, and you run towards that with open arms, and leave all this behind.’

I think: ‘I hope to God it’s not too late. Not just for me, because whatever you do, and whatever you say, and whatever you think, and whatever the outcome of this, I get to live my dreams every day of my life. I hope to God it’s not too late for you.’



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