I am the pot and the kettle

Today’s blog post is mercifully short. I am in London, gallivanting.

I still dream of the CCG though.


Yesterday I wanted to make a complaint about our CCG. If you read my post about the meeting on Thursday, you will know why.

I called NHS England to complain.

It transpires that you cannot do this. Nope. If you want to complain about your CCG, you complain to your CCG.

Apparently they escalate it internally for you. I asked who you escalate it to if you are already dealing with the MD.

That’s a problem someone was kind enough to help me with eventually.

But yes. Not only do CCGs regulate their own conflict of interest issues, they also deal with their own complaints.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

3 responses to “I am the pot and the kettle

  1. So, what’s left? Can you sue them? (There must be a lawyer among the unhappy patiens, I’m sure?) I’m full of admiration for you and sympathy for your plight, by the way.
    Keeping my fingers crossed,

  2. We managed to get through to someone in NHS England who finally agreed that it was no viable for us to complain to the CCG themselves. They’re taking it on for us. We’re also complaining to the CQC and our MP.

    Lawyers are an option, but we go through official channels first if we can.

    Thanks for your good wishes. We need them! xx

  3. Dear gods, what next?!

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