Mostly Food

A busy weekend here at the Boo residence. Guests on Saturday night combined with January slatternliness required all manner of cleaning, dusting and general spick and spanning yesterday. It was, for the large part, tedious in the extreme, but necessary, and as such things tend to be, incredibly satisfying once the jobs were done.

It is Jason’s birthday next weekend, but the restaurant he wanted to eat at is closing for a three week holiday today, so we moved the celebration forward to last night instead. We ate splendid food with friends at our new favourite curry house (Jamal’s on Braunstone Gate. Go there), and then came back to a very clean house to play Cards Against Humanity, laughing until our sides ached.

When our guests got up to leave, we realised it was snowing, and the children were delighted to wake up this morning to a decent settling of snow. It wasn’t enough to stop us doing anything, but enough for them to play in, while Derek and I observed them from inside the house with a baleful eye.

By mid morning, when we had to take Oscar to a party, the snow was melting and the roads were clear. It was still enough to put lots of people off from going out, and we had beautifully empty roads there, and to the Asian supermarket where we hot footed it after dropping him off. Normally it is rammed, and the parking is worse than impossible, but we had a fantastically stress free time of it, and this enabled me to buy acres and acres of fresh produce at ridiculously low prices. I also stocked up on spices which are the real bargain, at a fraction of the price they are in the regular supermarket.

I was so inspired that when I got home I rearranged all my herb and spice drawers (I have so many, a rack is never going to be feasible), and cleared out a corner cupboard for my bread making supplies. It was incredibly satisfying

I put another loaf in to bake, and got down to the serious business of warming up the kitchen by cooking all afternoon. I had a hankering to break out my Anjum recipe books and make an Indian veggie feast. I made a garlic and chilli dal which was so fierce it warmed you up from the inside out. I then made a huge vat of tomato, potato and pea curry. There were more than enough carbs going on in the curries that we didn’t need breads or rice with it, so I served it with mixed green leaves and a tomato and onion raita that was fresh and suitably zingy. It absolutely hit the spot and there’s enough left for my lunch tomorrow.


The bread maker continues to impress. We set it to work yesterday making first a brioche dough, which I then baked in the oven, after liberally salting it with chunks of 90% dark chocolate and sour dried cherries. It was a bit of an experiment, but it worked well and tastes amazing. Then I made a plain brioche completely in the bread maker for those of a more conservative bent. I’m still making standard loaves every day to feed the masses and it is reliable, easy and quick. The experimenting is a bit more exciting in every way and I am thinking I might fiddle about with focaccia next week. as you do.

It’s a good job the weather is awful. I can say I’m just fattening myself up against the freeze.


4 responses to “Mostly Food

  1. yummy, that brioche sounds divine

  2. Hurray for all the cooking triumphs.

  3. God that brioche sounds amazing. Which bread maker foxhound buy please?

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