The New Year

Happy New Year.

We made it. Hoo bloody rah.

We had a very lovely New Year’s Eve with our friends, eating their food, exchanging gifts and staying over at their house. It was lots of fun. I was introduced to the game Cards Against Humanity. It is very, very wrong and yet I have not laughed so much in months. I actually cried real tears of laughter juice. It is genius and I truly think the world is a better place for it, even though it is sick and twisted and you should definitely not play it with your mum, or your vicar, or anyone who might be offended in any way, shape or form.

One good thing is that it is evil across the board. It pretty much shits on everyone the same. There is equality in that somewhere.

In other news. I have spent most of my day having a New Year get together with some more friends, which was nice.

I have also eaten curry, which was a pleasure and is never a chore.

Next week, real life beckons. The children are back in school from Tuesday and I will have to produce proper meals instead of eating pate and leftover chocolate orange. I will also have to start writing again.

It has been wonderful to take some time off. I have read even more books than when I last blogged. I have watched even more television. In fact, I have watched more television in the last three weeks than in the entire of the rest of the year put together.

May I recommend Catastrophe starring Sharon Horgan, which has made me howl and wince in equal measures. We are also watching Jessica Jones, mostly through the holes in my fingers. This is good. I am reading A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler. It’s nice and relaxing and domestically unchallenging, which is nice. She is a good writer. She is not an exciting writer, but that’s O.K. All my Christmas books are piling in from my Amazon orders and I have many exciting things to read, although my capacity for reading is about to dwindle rapidly now that reality beckons.

I am about ready to start the daily grind again though, I have to say. Christmas always goes on too long. I am getting sick of cheese. I have no idea what day it is, and my recycling looks like Kilimanjaro. My sleeping patterns are out of whack, my eating patterns are out of whack and I am very confused about almost everything you care to mention. The first week back will be awful as we all fail woefully to adjust to the ties that bind again, and we will be ravening hell beasts for a bit. After that things will get better and the nights will get lighter and hopefully my clothes will fit better and we won’t be washed away by storm Geoffrey or whatever badly named alphabetical weather based shenanigans is going on.

It will be better.


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